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September 06, 2011 15:42 ET

Captive Radiology Stands Poised to Make Mobile Radiology a History Footnote

CANTON, OH--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2011) - Physicians Imaging Solutions, founded in 2003 by Joe Palmisano and Dave Kelly, today announced its new name, Captive Radiology, to better reflect the company's work with medical organizations seeking to move up from mobile radiology services for better performance and profitability.

Captive Radiology specializes in designing and installing fixed-base radiology departments for hospitals, surgical centers, physician groups and clinics. The company's management decided the former name did not adequately capture the essence of Captive Radiology's range of services for clients who have decided to upgrade their medical imaging services and have come to grips with the shortcomings of mobile radiology.

"Our new name is consistent with our position as the leader in fixed-base radiology. Our growth has been fast as our clients gain appreciation for what they are missing in their mobile radiology service and what they can gain with their own radiology installations," Palmisano said. "Mobile radiology is yesterday's story as hospitals and other medical services organizations today gain understanding about how they can improve patient throughput, the quality of their patients' experiences, and the revenue they can earn in fixed-base radiology departments," he said.

Feedback from clients confirms that better performance and profits can be garnered with fixed-base radiology. "Our clients time and again tell us that converting from mobile radiology to fixed-base installations helped their hospital, clinic or physician practice serve more patients, improve patient satisfaction ratings, and make them more money, and that those gains are a result of the guidance and management provided by Captive Radiology," Kelly said.

Captive Radiology takes a client's medical radiology installation from the drawing board through equipment selection and construction, to start-up and beyond into ongoing operation. The company uniquely offers turnkey solutions to medical imaging requirements, and employs professionals with experience in all stages of converting from mobile radiology and operating as a fixed-base radiology department. Captive Radiology also provides training and staffing services.

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Captive Radiology, formerly Physicians Imaging Solutions, is the nation's leader in fixed-base radiology services for hospitals, surgical centers, physician groups and clinics. The company assumes responsibility for clients' radiology equipment needs -- from design to construction, and from equipment selection to staffing. Employing nearly 40 professionals, Captive Radiology has managed installations throughout the U.S. improving client radiology departments' performance and revenue capture. Visit

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