Photo in Canvas

January 24, 2011 02:38 ET

Captured in Canvas-Easy Now

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2011) - The number of people who choose to create a personalised image from their own photographs has increased immensely. From amateur snaps that children have taken and area absolutely adorable to those running their own businesses wishing to promote an award winning moment or product, self-published photography is undeniably popular and is now a straightforward and easy process.

At Photo in Canvas there is a new virtual editing tool that can make these photographs into cherished canvasses with the image enlarged, presented as triptychs or coloured in a quirky contrast. Any of these elements can be controlled on screen with helpful guides to show how close to 'perfect' the resolution of the image will appear. Customers can select a whole photograph for treatment or isolate a particular area that is especially important or interesting. Having cropped the clip and centred the composition choosing landscape or portrait style is managed by a simple click.

There are a variety of tools that allow borders to be created to embellish the final look. A photograph with multiple components might contain an element you wish to preserve alone in a meaningful print. It can be given a new lease of life with accurate zoom levels indicated so that the sharpness of quality is retained in its enlargement and treated to colour variations on screen. If you are unsure about selection it can be saved for another visit and return to your screen with the edits you have already saved. When you are satisfied with your changes and the gauge shows 10/10 for picture quality – well you really couldn't do better.

This new tool means that customers can create works of art for the fraction of the price a professional studio would charge. Convenient to do at home and requiring no sittings, making the most of what you have and keeping it for posterity or presenting it as a gift, a photo canvas makes sense.

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