March 15, 2016 10:00 ET

Car Aesthetics: Silverwax Products Now Available to Car Enthusiasts Across Canada

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - March 15, 2016) - In April, car enthusiasts across the country will have access to professional car detailing products, the only entirely Canadian line available on store shelves at all 495 Canadian Tire locations. Previously reserved for car dealers and maintenance experts, five of the 36 products in the Silverwax high-performance range will be made available to the public!

Highly sought-after by dealers and car shows alike for their unparalleled performance, the products in the Silverwax line make it easier to clean, restore, protect and finish the bodywork, rims, tires, windows, the car interior and the engine of all types of vehicle.

As Silverwax President Mr. Richard Pelchat points out, "The arrival of Silverwax products on the Canadian retail market meets a growing consumer demand for top quality car detailing products. Purchasing a car is a significant investment and people want to look after them."

A growing market

According to a study conducted in August 2015 by NDP Group, the retail market for car cleaning and detailing products is doing well, with an increase in sales of 8% between 2013 and 2015 in the U.S.

"We are also noticing that, contrary to popular belief, an increasing number of women are now buying car cleaning products," Mr. Pelchat adds.

A first in retail stores

One of the five products that are newly available to Canadian car enthusiasts in Canadian Tire stores from coast to coast is the Double Polymer Paint Sealant. This revolutionary, all-in-one product capitalizes on the full potential of nanotechnology for cleaning, restoring and protecting a car's bodywork.

"The Sealant is a perfect example of the kind of products we develop: highly effective and simple to use. Moreover, we offer training modules on our website to help consumers achieve optimal results", Mr. Pelchat goes on to say.

The Fast Wax with Polymers, Wheel and Tire Cleaner, Interior Protector and Wash & Wax are the four other Silverwax products set to be rolled out at Canadian Tire stores. Certain locations will also distribute some of the Silverwax brand's specialized products such as Rust Particle Cleaner and Waterless Soap with Wax, as well as other products in the range that they may wish to market depending on the needs of their customers.

About Silverwax

Silverwax is a line of high-end car cleaning and detailing products developed in Canada by Laboratoire Hygienex since 1999. The company has a workforce of over 30 enthusiastic employees and distributes its products across Canada through the Canadian Tire stores. In addition to its car detailing products, Silverwax offers three high performance product lines for motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles.

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