April 02, 2012 09:48 ET

Car Insurance Searches Soar at the Expense of Home and Travel

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 2, 2012) - UK consumers made close to 2 million searches for insurance products online and queries for car insurance were the most popular. This is according to the latest report 'Insurance Sector Report - Issue 11', by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, which profiled consumer search behaviour on Google UK for home, travel and car insurance products in January.

Via analysis of online search-related data sourced from Hydra's One Platform, a leading provider of SaaS tools for digital marketers, Greenlight uncovered the most popular search terms consumers used to source insurance products online and determined the top performing companies in natural search*, paid media** and social media for the sub-sectors covered in the research.

Of a total of 1.9 million searches for insurance products online, 62 per cent were for car insurance-related terms

According to Greenlight, UK consumers conducted over 1.9 million searches for insurance products online, 1.2 million (62 per cent) of which pertained to car insurance.

By comparison, travel insurance and home insurance attracted a mere 25 per cent and 13 per cent share, respectively. Compared to October 2011 levels, the search for the former was down 3 per cent, whilst those for the latter were up 2 per cent. However, with home insurance premiums set to rise as a result of an increase in home burglaries, consumers may be prompted to think twice when it comes to investing in cover on the home front.

'Car insurance' most popular search term

'Car insurance' was the most popular search term. It was queried 550,000 times and accounted for a 29 per cent share of overall insurance queries.

'Car insurance' was also the most queried term in the car insurance sub-sector, and accounted for 47 per cent of searches. 'Cheap car insurance' followed with 165,000 (14 per cent), then 'Car insurance quotes' with 74,000 (6 per cent).

Most visible websites

Greenlight's league table charted the most visible car insurance websites. It revealed that in natural search:

-MoneySupermarket was the most visible website for car insurance. It achieved a dominant 94 per cent share of voice by quite a margin and was visible to 1.1 million car insurance-related searches.

-In second place was Compare the Market with a 58 per cent share of visibility.

-Tesco Bank followed in third place with 57 per cent.

-Since Greenlight's previous report (October 2011), Cheap Car Insurance saw its share of visibility increase by 16 per cent and it ascended Greenlight's league table from position 12 to eighth place.

In paid media:

- GoCompare was the most visible car insurance advertiser, achieving an 80 per cent share of visibility to take top spot in Greenlight's rankings.

- Aviva followed in second place with 69 per cent share of visibility.

- MoneySupermarket came in third with a 65 per cent share of voice.

Overall, MoneySupermaket and Aviva were the most visible brands in Greenlight's social media analysis, with each attaining a Klout score of 45.

About Greenlight:

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