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April 22, 2009 02:00 ET

Car Registrations in 2009 From Speedy Registration

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 22, 2009) - In 1903, Car Registrations were introduced, to enable owners of vehicles to be identified. The Introduction of The Motor Car Act made it compulsory for all motorised vehicles to be registered with a Car Registration.

Responding to the Act of 1903, a civil servant came up with a straightforward, easily recognizable system of vehicle registration marks. Early registration marks consisted of single letters and up to four numbers, the letters representing strategically placed urban or rural councils in descending order of total population around the British Isles. Under this system, the first registration mark to be allocated was A 1, issued by London County Council soon after the 1903 legislation received royal assent.

Nowadays however Car Registrations have become the most popular accessory for the modern day car owner. From cheap Irish registrations to more prestige old English dateless registrations, people are snapping up these car registrations for their vehicles. Car Registrations range from Pounds Sterling 40 up to six figure sums. The price of a car registration will depend on the age of the vehicle, how many there are available and how popular the registration is. There will also be a fee of either Pounds Sterling 80/Pounds Sterling 105/Pounds Sterling 160 applicable to all transfers. People are now choosing to replace their standard issue numbers with car registrations stating their initials. For example one funny number plate that is currently being offered for sale by Speedy Registrations is DO57 COW. These days hundreds of car registrations are being sold each week, with prices starting from Pounds Sterling 40 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee.

There are basically two types of Car Registrations:

1. Irish Registrations

2. English Registrations

Irish Registrations

These can sometimes be defined as Cheap Irish Registrations. For example they range from Pounds Sterling 40 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee. However in recent days the Irish Registrations have become more expensive for example BIG 1 was sold in April 2006 for Pounds Sterling 80,000.

English Registrations

These registrations start from Pounds Sterling 160, plus VAT, plus Transfer Fee for a Prefix combination such as W9 NGS.

Once a car registration has been assigned to your car there will be no further costs involved, you are free to start "cruising" with your new registration and be the envy of your fellow car drivers.

Since the Introduction of Car Registrations in the GB mainland there have been various formats:

1. Dateless

The earliest type of registration survived for an incredible 60 years, from 1904, and had nothing at all to denote the year of issue. All dateless registrations are now in high demand, especially short combinations, 60 E for example, which is worth in excess of Pounds Sterling 12,000 because of the single initial and the fact it is made up of only three characters.

2. Suffix

A letter indicating the year of registration being added at the end of the plate, which until then had comprised only 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. For example the format AAA 111A was introduced in 1963, 1964 plates AAA 111B and so on.

3. Prefix

The Classic Prefix system started in August 1983, and has a single letter identifying the year of issue at the beginning of the registration mark. For example A111 AAA, the first letter indicates the year of issue, A for 1983, B for 1984 and so on. The last two letters indicated the area the car registration was being registered in.

4. Current Style

Current Style

In 2001 the DVLA changed the system to take account of police evidence that suggests witnesses, particularly in ' hit and run' incidents, remember the letters of a registration mark much more easily than the numbers. As people read from left to right it made sense to put this information, the local code, at the beginning rather than the end of the number plate. As the result the current system for registrations is made up of 3 parts, as shown below.

1. Local Region

2. Date ID

3. Random

The system started with the use of 51 to denote the 6 months from September 2001, with 02 replacing it in March 2002. 52 then denotes September 2002, 03 denotes March 2003 and so on.

With the growth of the Internet, you can now easily obtain your new car registration for your vehicle. If you are looking for inspiration for your new number plate purchase you should have a look at Speedyreg's website and their smart search facility. You will have access to various searches from pet names, to boys and girls names to even car makes and models.

Car Registrations will either be held on a Donor Vehicle or held on a Retention Certificate. When buying a car registration remember that a vehicle can never be made to look younger than it is. For example a "09" registration number could not be assigned to an "S" registered car. However there is no problem making your vehicle appear older, ie an "T" registration number can be transferred unto your "58" registered vehicle.

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