Failsafe Canada Inc.

August 16, 2010 06:00 ET

Carbon Footprint Analysis Course a First for Canada as Failsafe Canada and the Global Carbon Exchange Team Up to Deliver a Certified Carbon Footprint Analysis Course in Calgary Alberta Canada

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 16, 2010) - Failsafe Canada Inc. announced this week that it has Licensing agreements in place, with the Global Carbon Exchange, an international organization, that will capitalize on current and future legislation regarding the Carbon and Green house gas offset market and the delivery of related curriculum. The agreement also confirms the delivery of additional courses for Canada including the GCX Energy Efficiency Auditor course and the GCX Carbon Literacy Course. This new relationship will form an International GHG information coterie able to deliver certified educational curriculum on carbon and GHG reductions and verification technologies along with recession proof opportunities for market investors. The first CFA course will be offered in Calgary Alberta on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September, 2010.

The licensing agreement also allows for the delivery of QSYS by EOS, (Emissions Offset Solutions), a complete GHG ERP system. EOS, is a division of Failsafe Canada Inc, a pioneer in the Alberta carbon offset marketplace. EOS has added new protocols that are of significant interest to the agricultural industry, especially feedlots. These new protocols, Energy Efficiency and Methane Management protocols, complement the existing "No- Till" protocols, which are already programmed into the existing EOS application. These additional protocols have all been approved by government and commercialized by Failsafe Canada Inc. The licensing agreement also enables GCX to utilize QSys, in any of their global locations, the USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Namibia, Eastern Europe, Australia and India.

The Carbon Merchants have licensed the QSYS quantification system from Failsafe Canada Inc. This customized GHG management solution, the only system available that has passed a commercial process and controls audit, serves the hardware and software needs of any GHG aggregator and was developed in such a fashion that it can be utilized for all greenhouse gas reduction opportunities in any global location. QSYS is a complete GHG ERP system and in addition to quantifying carbon offsets, it provides for project job costing, Inventory control and GHG footprint tracking.

QSYS is also being used by final emitters to deliver additional quality assurances with due diligence and to re-certify existing GHG offsets to meet current legislative requirements.

Failsafe Canada is currently completing a project with Cattleland of Alberta, one of the countries largest feedyards, quantifying and commercializing the new bovine protocols. Using Failsafe's proprietary technology, QSYS, Cattleland has been able to produce Offset credits by utilizing the approved bovine protocols, which are now in the Failsafe system.

Failsafe Canada provides QSYS, the leading Offset management application that manages the entire lifecycle of greenhouse gas reduction projects. Core elements include, Contact Management, Document Management and Contract Management, Supply Chain Management, Offset quantification, serialization, inventory management, Financial statements and other financial and operational reports. New modules include project costing. QSYS is also available on a transactional or subscription basis for new aggregators.

Failsafe Canada is the leading solutions provider for organizations looking to aggregate or manage their inventory of offset credits. QSys is a proven system that creates, tracks, and manages verified emissions reductions, (VERs) within the agriculture sector and is now able to handle other industry verticals such as Biofuels, Afforestation, Energy Efficiency, NOX, Wind and other renewable energy markets. Aggregation and partnership opportunities are available.

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