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Carbon Sciences Inc.

February 03, 2015 03:01 ET

Carbon Sciences Appoints Industry Executive as Strategy Advisor

Seasoned Semiconductor and Solar Industry Veteran, Gunter Ziegenbalg, to Help Company Formulate Its Business Plan for the Commercialization of Graphene

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2015) -  Carbon Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to mass-produce graphene, the new miracle material, today announced that the company has appointed industry veteran Gunter Ziegenbalg as Strategic Advisor.

In the role of Strategic Advisor, Mr. Ziegenbalg will assist the company with business planning, technology evaluation, commercialization analysis and strategic partnership formation to help the company make further inroads in the new and exciting field of graphene.

Gunter Ziegenbalg has a strong record of building high-tech companies and successfully transitioning them into long-term new ownerships. He has worked with several venture capital backed companies supporting them with technology and operations know-how for converting product ideas into large volume commercial products. Most recently he was appointed CEO of SVTC Solar, by the Department of Energy, to build the first production development facility for solar cells in the United States. Prior to that, Mr. Ziegenbalg was a key executive at Moncada Energy Group, Italy, where he led the successful volume production ramp of a 50 MW thin film solar line. From 2007 to 2010 he was Managing Director of Signet Solar, where he built the first SunFab Gen8.5 production line, ramping to volume production in a record time of 14 months. Before joining the solar industry in 2007, Mr. Ziegenbalg spent 18 years in engineering, technology development and high-volume production in the semiconductor industry. From its founding in 1996, he was President and CEO of ZMD America, Inc. and later Executive Vice President of Foundry Operations for ZMD AG, Germany. Mr. Ziegenbalg is a founding member of the Fab Owners Association. Gunter holds a Master's degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Technology, Dresden and an Executive MBA degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu.

"Gunter has seen it all and done it all in the field of solar and semiconductors," said Bill Beifuss, Carbon Sciences' CEO. "We are delighted to have him help us plot a course in the emerging and potentially revolutionary field of graphene. We look forward to working with Gunter."

"Graphene is truly a miracle material with many exciting opportunities," said Mr. Ziegenbalg. "It has applications ranging from biotechnology, to energy storage and to electronics. The world is only seeing a tip of the graphene market iceberg. I'm excited to be involved at this early stage."

About Carbon Sciences Inc.

Carbon Sciences is developing a breakthrough technology to mass-produce graphene, the new miracle material. Graphene, a sheet of pure carbon that is only one atom thick, is flexible, transparent, impermeable to moisture, stronger than diamonds and more conductive than gold. Ever since the Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery, experts believe graphene to be the miracle material that will enable revolutionary applications such as bendable touchscreen displays, rapid charge batteries, super-capacitors, low cost solar cells, extreme high-speed semiconductors, biosensors, as well as water purification. While the raw materials to make graphene are readily available, the lack of an industrial scale manufacturing process has hindered its commercial use. Carbon Sciences is developing a breakthrough process that will transform natural gas into commercial size sheets of graphene that can be fine-tuned with application-specific electrical and materials properties. To learn more about Carbon Sciences, please visit

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