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Carbon Sciences Inc.

October 27, 2015 03:01 ET

Carbon Sciences Comments on $3.8 Trillion Information Technology Market

While Focusing on Developing New Graphene-Based Components to Improve Cloud Computing Performance, the Company Realizes the Extraordinary Size of the Worldwide Information Technology Market

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2015) - Carbon Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CABN), focused on developing breakthrough technologies based on graphene, the new miracle material, today commented on the extraordinary size of the worldwide information technology (IT) market.

According to a recent Gartner study, IT spending worldwide in 2015 is expected to exceed $3.8 trillion. Of this total amount, spending on devices will be $744 billion and spending on data center systems will be $144 billion. However, the real surprise is spending on the IT services market segment, which is expected to exceed $1 trillion.

"In recent months, we have focused on developing graphene-based fiber optics components, such as photodetectors, fiber lasers and optical switches," said Bill Beifuss, CEO of Carbon Sciences. "Our goal has been to help unclog the existing bottlenecks and enable ultrafast communication in data centers for cloud computing. After digging deeper, we have come to realize the absolute enormity of the IT market."

Mr. Beifuss continued, "Even though our focus is on the device side, we are intrigued by the $1 trillion IT services market segment. This segment is mostly comprised of regionally located, high growth, low capital requirements firms serving the computer and computer networks needs of businesses and other customers. For example, consider Cognizant Technology Solutions. After adopting a growth-by-acquisition strategy, Cognizant has grown to be a multinational IT services business that now reports annual revenues in excess of $10 billion and has a market capitalization in excess of $41 billion."

"Clearly, Cognizant and other major players in the IT industry have taken advantage of the explosive demand surrounding all aspects of information technology," Mr. Beifuss concluded.

About Carbon Sciences Inc.

Carbon Sciences is developing breakthrough technologies based on graphene, the new miracle material. Graphene, a sheet of pure carbon that is only one atom thick, is flexible, transparent, impermeable to moisture, stronger than diamonds and more conductive than gold. After successfully exploring methods to produce low cost graphene, Carbon Sciences is now developing graphene-based devices to enable ultrafast fiber optics communication in Cloud computing infrastructure.

Moore's Law has enabled computers to process information at extreme high speeds. However, the speed of data movement between computers in the Cloud is bottlenecked by fundamental limitations of today's fiber optics technology. By exploiting the natural breakthrough optical and electrical properties of graphene, we are developing next generation fiber optics components that are ultrafast, low power and low cost. We believe graphene-based components, such as photodetectors, fiber lasers and optical switches, will unclog the bottlenecks in the Cloud and unleash a global era of high resolution video on demand, high fidelity music streaming, high volume e-commerce and many more Cloud-based services.

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