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Carbon Sciences Inc.

April 05, 2012 03:01 ET

Carbon Sciences Reports Successful Testing of Single Step Reforming of High CO2 Natural Gas

Company's Breakthrough Catalyst Produces Ideal 2:1 Ratio of Hydrogen to Carbon Monoxide for Gas-to-Liquids and Methanol Production, Resulting in Significant Economic and Environmental Benefits

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 5, 2012) - Carbon Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to make transportation fuels and other valuable products from natural gas, today announced the successful test of a new version of its natural gas dry reforming catalyst that can process high CO2 content natural gas at high efficiency, resulting in significant economic and environmental benefits. The company's management believes that this breakthrough catalyst may help accelerate the growth of the emerging natural gas to liquid fuels industry.

While all natural gas fields contain CO2, production is economically viable only when the CO2 is less than 10% of the total volume. At that level, the CO2 is removed and typically released into the atmosphere. Where the CO2 content is higher, the removal process is prohibitively expensive, making those fields economically stranded.

Byron Elton, Carbon Sciences CEO, commented, "According to the U. S. Geological Survey, there are many gas fields with CO2 concentrations ranging from 10% to 99% within the continental U.S., particular in Texas, the Rocky Mountains, and the Gulf Coast. We believe our catalyst will make these high CO2 gas fields economically viable, and encourage the pooling of multiple gas fields into much larger natural gas steams with high CO2 content. Additionally, CO2 captured from sources such as power plants can be added to low CO2 content natural gas and used to cost-effectively produce large quantities of clean and green liquid transportation fuels and industrial chemicals."

The company's successful test feed included CO2, methane and steam. The initial verification test, performed at 900 degrees Celsius and elevated pressure, reveals that the Carbon Sciences dry reforming catalyst functioned at a steady natural gas conversion efficiency of 99% with no indications of catalyst coking or deactivation. The resulting 2:1 ratio syngas (a hydrogen and carbon monoxide mixture) is ideally suited for direct use by existing gas-to-liquids (GTL) processes in the production of liquid transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

Elton concluded, "We are also making great progress in the development of our high performance steam reforming catalyst for use in the current $150 billion hydrogen production market. While the market for our dry reforming catalyst is further out, the global impact may be significant. Increasing the use of abundant, affordable and clean natural gas to make transportation fuels will reduce our dependence on petroleum and help lead to energy security."

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Innovating at the forefront of chemical engineering, Carbon Sciences is developing a breakthrough technology to make cleaner and greener transportation fuels and other valuable products from natural gas. Our highly scalable, clean-tech process will enable the world to reduce its dependence on petroleum by transforming abundant and affordable natural gas into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, and other products, such as hydrogen, methanol, pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and plastics. The key to this process is a breakthrough catalyst that can reduce the cost of reforming natural gas into synthetic gas (syngas), the most costly step in making products from natural gas. To learn more about Carbon Sciences' breakthrough technology, please visit and follow us Facebook at

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