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August 02, 2011 08:29 ET

The CarbonNeutral Company Offers GoldPower: Renewable Energy With Additional Carbon Emissions Reductions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 2, 2011) - The CarbonNeutral Company is making available GoldPower, a megawatt hour renewable energy product which also guarantees a reduction in carbon emissions.

This innovative product is particularly suitable for companies who are focused on the environmental impact of their electricity consumption but want to be sure of a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which is guaranteed as 'additional' and has not been double-counted.

GoldPower also provides a solution for companies wanting a single, worldwide strategy for purchasing renewable energy. It matches clients' electricity use through certificates in megawatt hours (MWh) in any country, with guaranteed reductions in tonnes of carbon from Gold Standard projects in developing countries that have no Kyoto targets. Many renewable energy schemes are country specific so do not provide a solution for multinational clients.

The emission reduction component of GoldPower is verified by the Gold Standard, assuring clients that the carbon emissions are additional, meaning that the investment in the renewables project has enabled the reduction to happen. The scheme also guarantees that the emissions reductions are not double counted as part of a country's emissions target.

The product was developed by Climate Friendly in Australia in association with the leading environmental organisation, WWF.

Bruce Haase, Acting Head, Climate Business Engagement, WWF International, says:

"GoldPower is supported by WWF because, unlike most conventional green power options, GoldPower demonstrably stimulates new investments in new renewable energy capacity and is certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond business as usual. WWF recommends GoldPower to companies that want to drive quality renewable electricity solutions."

Stephen Killeen, CEO of The CarbonNeutral Company, says: "We are pleased to offer our clients another innovative solution which enables them to invest in renewable energy while also guaranteeing the carbon emissions reductions. The product is a natural extension to our carbon management services and carbon offset products, enabling clients to select the option which will best enable them to meet their environmental goals at the same time as driving value to their business."

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The CarbonNeutral Company ( is a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. It works with more than 500 companies in 32 countries to develop carbon offset inclusive carbon reduction programmes. Since 1997, it has purchased carbon credits from over 200 projects in 24 countries.

With more than a decade's experience working with an unrivalled client list, The CarbonNeutral Company has developed a track record of innovation and quality in providing carbon solutions that deliver business value and meet the rapidly changing needs of its clients. Through its offices in New York, London and Singapore, its global team combines experience working in international B2B corporations, carbon markets and trading, carbon project development, engineering, marketing communications, consulting and sustainable energy management with the United Nations.

CarbonNeutral® is the registered trademark of The CarbonNeutral Company and is a global standard to certify that businesses have measured and reduced their CO2 emissions to net zero for their company, products, operations or services. Permission to display the CarbonNeutral® mark is only given to clients whose carbon reduction programme is implemented in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. The Protocol assures quality of carbon offset projects, carbon footprint assessments and communication and is regularly reviewed by an Independent Advisory Group.

The CarbonNeutral Company is a founding member of The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), which provides leadership and a unified voice advocating for rigorous industry standards

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