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December 11, 2011 10:00 ET

Cardiff by the Sea and Encinitas Chiropractic Clinic Provides Proven Results for Predictable Posture and Spinal Correction

CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 11, 2011) - Dr. David Melendez of Gold Coast Chiropractic offers predictable posture and spinal correction by utilizing his unique "TRIAD" corrective system to provide proven results that last. The chiropractor incorporates his three-pronged corrective program of spinal decompression, specific rehabilitation and spinal corrective adjustments into an effective and truly unique system that corrects the cause of most back pain by improving posture, restoring proper curves and realigning the spine. In his more than twenty years of experience, Dr. Melendez has found that most patients experience back discomfort as a result of postural distortions and faulty spinal alignment. While many patients realize that a personal injury or a condition such as a bulged disc, herniated disc, or fibromyalgia can cause severe pain, most are surprised to find that poor posture and loss of the normal spinal curves set the stage for the development of these painful conditions.

In the case of a bulged disc or herniated disc, the cause of the back pain can be more easily identified and targeted for treatment. But the chiropractor has found that many people don't realize that poor posture can cause pain, affect the nervous system, reduce oxygen flow, and impair proper functioning of the organs.

Studies have shown that proper posture is linked to longer life spans. Dr. David Melendez and his wife, Dr. Lorraine Melendez, use the TRIAD system to provide decompression to compressed nerves and discs, specific body weighting to stimulate back and shoulder muscles to improve posture, and adjustments to reduce tension on the brain, spinal cord and nerves, realigning the spine through spinal correction.

Dr. David Melendez first became aware of the benefits of spinal correction when it helped him overcome his own debilitating spinal injury. Commenting on using the TRIAD system in predictable posture and spinal correction he said, "As a chiropractor I take a 'whole person' approach to caring for patients. While some may have pain from a bulged disc or herniated disc, I know there are underlying factors often overlooked which cause these conditions and the pain associated with them, such as poor posture, spinal misalignment, improper nutrition and lack of exercise. I don't just correct the obvious problem and send patients on their way; I also work to strengthen, balance and stabilize their spine while providing nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to help them overcome the stresses of life and improve their health so they can live a longer, happier and pain-free lives. Remember extraordinary health takes extra-ordinary efforts!"

Drs. Melendez have been providing relief for Cardiff by the Sea and Encinitas back pain patients at their Gold Coast Chiropractic Center they opened in 1990. In addition to predictable posture and spinal correction, they offer massage therapy, nutrition counseling and comprehensive rehabilitation programs for lasting results.

Gold Coast Chiropractic is located at 120 Birmingham Suite 100 in Cardiff by the Sea, and also serves Encinitas and other surrounding communities. Further information about predictable posture and spinal correction, as well as their practice, may be obtained by visiting the clinic's website at Visitors to the website are also encouraged to sign up for the newsletter which contains regular information on reducing pain and other health topics.

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