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Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.

September 18, 2013 12:41 ET

Cardone Enterprises Partners With J&L Marketing, Creates Customized Cardone University Sales Training Platform

Partnership to Maximize Marketing Results for Auto Dealerships

MIAMI BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - September 18, 2013) -  Cardone Enterprises today announces a new partnership with award-winning, automotive marketing leader J&L Marketing to maximize marketing results for auto dealerships. Cardone University, the on-line sales training tool based on Informed-Assisted Selling™, a non-confrontational system in which sales effectiveness, customer satisfaction and the sales experience are all improved, will be customized to suit the specific needs for J&L Marketing and will carry the name "J&L University."

J&L Marketing is regarded as the creators of the most consistent and impactful direct marketing campaigns in the automotive industry and sought to take their clients' sales events to the next level. Cardone Enterprises and its Cardone University platform were chosen as the resource to make that happen. J&L's version, will offer a 21-day training program and is designed to increase results in the days leading up to events, as well as the weeks following events. It will also help to increase sales, profits and event attendance to their clients overall. Cardone University in it's original form, boasts over 1100 hours of content specifically designed to enhance the quality and profitable results of successful sales transactions.

"This partnership will really provide a complete solution for many automotive dealers. J&L is a respected leader dedicated to offering their clients something of value that they can trust. Through this partnership, J&L's dealership clients will have a tool to convert the traffic created at a higher rate, ultimately leading to better ROI. We are very excited about all the possibilities this partnership will lead to in the near future," said Grant Cardone.

The key to creating this customized version of Cardone University was the thousands of hours J&L dedicated to interviewing top dealers, managers and sales representatives in order to determine the reasons specific direct marketing campaigns were consistently successful. This due diligence and data collection really helps to pin point the pertinent messages found in Cardone University and create a targeted tool that speaks to specific needs. In the case of J&L University, their training sessions will cover such subjects as identifying best prospects, scheduling pre-qualified appointments before an event and recapturing customers who didn't purchase on the day of an event.

"When someone can take the same people, time, money and strategy, and increase results tenfold; it certainly grabs my attention," said Scott Joseph, president of J&L Marketing. "Partnering with Grant Cardone made perfect sense."

About Grant Cardone and Cardone University:

Grant Cardone, is an international business and sales expert and a New York Times best-selling author. He has authored 4 business books since 2008 and customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, NBC, and MSNBC, offering commentary and insights on a slew of topics affecting the economy, business, leadership and matters affecting the middle class.

Cardone On-Demand and Cardone Sales University were introduced in 2010 and have become industry leaders for web-based sales training. These are comprehensive sales training and sales management courses provided online with over 1100 segments of content broken into exact modules and curriculums. Cardone's online sales training universities provide sales meetings, testing, reporting, and sales solutions for every selling situation imaginable. At the start of 2013, sales organizations have viewed and tested on over 10 million videos.

Grant Cardone International Sales & Business Expert, CEO Cardone Enterprises

Grant's unique, common-sense approach to sales and business is practical and solution-oriented. His humor, wit and infectious energy allow him to connect with any audience via his books, seminars, and on-line sales training tool Cardone University.

With his core tenets built on the basics, Grant believes that a company succeeds only through selling and that even the family unit relies on selling to improve their station in life.

Today, his methods are now known as Information-Assisted Selling™. This is a non-confrontational system in which sales effectiveness, customer satisfaction and the sales experience are all improved.

Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and individuals are all using Grant's techniques and systems to increase their effectiveness and value in the marketplace.

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