March 07, 2007 15:41 ET

CardRunners Announces New Online Poker Instructor Brian Townsend

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 --, one of the premier online providers for poker training, recently announced the addition of their newest instructor, blogger, and co-owner, Brian Townsend. Townsend, known to the online poker world as sbrugby and aba20, has moved up through the online poker ranks at an astonishing speed in the last few years to become one of the top online high stakes cash players.

Townsend's savvy and approach will be a great boost for those looking to improve and mold their play, especially in 200/400 no limit (NL) and 200/400 pot limit Omaha (PLO), as he is one of the few people in the world with expertise in these games. Townsend also brings a strong element of statistical play, which he plans to pass along to CardRunners members.

"I am happy to announce that I have joined the CardRunners team as a lead instructor. CardRunners has been instrumental in my development as a player throughout the past year and I have always had a desire to give back to the poker community," explained Townsend.

Townsend had been planning on joining as an instructor at an online poker school, and was being recruited by various poker training sites, but ultimately decided on CardRunners after speaking with the site's owners, Taylor Caby and Andrew Wiggins. He felt that with the current state of online poker, serious players need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the competition, and that CardRunners shares that philosophy.

"CardRunners was right for me because of their dedication to their players and the poker community they have built over the past 18 months. CardRunners is not just a poker training center, but rather a community of players who all want to reach their potential without the distractions and negativity that many other communities contain," he said. "I look forward to spending my time in the forums and chat room as well as regularly making videos for our members."

CardRunners members have access to top-rated instructional videos, a private poker forum, strategy articles, guest pro instruction, and a community chat room all focused on improving each player's poker game. CardRunners is teamed up with Chapman Net Systems Marketing, a national, independent web development and marketing firm that provides the full spectrum of ethical online and traditional marketing products and services that businesses need to compete in today's competitive marketplace.

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