May 29, 2012 07:00 ET

CareerCrate Announces a Career Focus Week

On Friday May 25th, CareerCrate reached another milestone with the two millionth viewing of videos on its site. To celebrate the event, CareerCrate announced its career focus week, to take place in September 2012.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 29, 2012) - CareerCrate President and founder, Bernard van Speyk, celebrated the milestone video viewing count by announcing a week of fun, prizes, and the making of career videos.

During the week of 10th - 14th September, the period earmarked as CareerCrate's Career focus week, the career resource will be engaging students, parents, recruiters, schools, colleges and universities across North America in career related activities.

Students will be encouraged to make and upload videos about their parents' careers, either individually, or with school involvement. People in the workforce will be able to upload videos about their careers, either to promote careers they are passionate about, or to enter in fun categories such as "best job in the world", "most unusual job", "jobs in the most remote locations", etc.

Professional organizations and associations, business and industry will also have a unique opportunity to advocate for themselves as employers of choice, and to highlight careers of importance to them. They will be able to upload recruitment videos onto CareerCrate without charge during the week. For organizations without recruitment videos available to them, CareerCrate's video production department is able to assist.

Educational institutions, too, stand to benefit during this week. This will be an excellent opportunity for them to profile themselves to the many visitors anticipated during the course of the event.

Essentially CareerCrate is using this week to engage students and other career seekers in the important task of identifying a career for themselves. They will have access to a substantive collection of career information from CareerCrate's expanding library of career videos in addition to the wealth of information that it is anticipated will be uploaded by the public and recruiters. Best of all, the week will feature something which is sadly lacking in most career education - fun!

CareerCrate will issue more updates about planned activities in the coming weeks and months. Please visit the website at for more information.

The website is the only career resource that encourages the public to upload videos about their own careers, thereby enabling the creation of a much richer career information data bank.

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