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June 28, 2016 13:21 ET

Carestream, Danaher Group Lead Shift Toward Digital Imaging in U.S. Intraoral X-ray Dental Imaging Market

The Total Market for Intraoral X-Ray Devices Was Valued at Nearly $350 Million in 2015; The Market Consists of Intraoral X-Ray Units, Analog Film, PSP Systems, PSP Plates and Digital Sensors

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - According to a new series of reports on the U.S. dental imaging device market by iData Research (, the dental industry continues to change as traditional film-based procedures experience sharp declines, shifting the market to incorporate digital capturing methods. Intraoral X-ray unit sales are primarily a replacement market that is expected to grow over the forecast period.

On average, a dental office will take anywhere from 40 to 50 intraoral X-ray shots per day, ranging from single bitewing shots to a full-mouth series which require 15 to 20 intraoral shots per patient. Patients are recommended to receive at least one full-mouth series on an annual basis in order to track the health and development of their teeth and surrounding hard tissue. The sheer number of intraoral X-ray procedures performed will drive the market for intraoral heads.

The intraoral analog film market will be primarily cannibalized by the rapid penetration of digital sensors and to a lesser extent by Photostimulable Phosphor (PSP) systems. As the remaining dentists who have yet to adopt digital X-ray capturing devices incorporate digital imaging into their practices, the resulting decline in the intraoral analog film market will stifle growth of the overall intraoral X-ray market.

The PSP system market value is expected to grow. However, despite higher growth in unit sales, much of this growth will be counteracted by declining average selling prices (ASPs). Growth in PSP plate purchases will be primarily fueled by an increasing market penetration of PSP systems.

"The digital sensors market is increasing steadily and represents one of the larger segments in the total intraoral X-ray market," explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. "But growth of this market will gradually decelerate as it matures and becomes more of a replacement market."

Carestream Dental is the leading competitor in the total intraoral X-ray device market in the United States. The company is known for their INSIGHT™ and ULTRA-SPEED™ dental film. While Carestream's film products are priced at a premium compared to its competitors, long-term brand recognition helps to maintain their share in this market segment. Carestream also held notable shares in the PSP system and digital sensor markets. The company offered their line of PSP plate systems which included the CS 7400™ and CS 7600™, the former being compatible with both intra- and extraoral images. As dental practices in the U.S. continue to convert to digital technology, Carestream could benefit by putting more focus into its PSP system and digital sensor product lines.

The Danaher Group holds the second leading position in the U.S. intraoral X-ray device market. The majority of revenue earned in this market is the result of digital sensor sales under the DEXIS brand. The company has continued to solidify its presence in this market through its various brands, including DEXIS, Gendex and KaVo. The ability for DEXIS sensors to seamlessly integrate with Henry Schein's practice management software, Dentrix®, continues to facilitate the adoption of the company's products. The large majority of Danaher's intraoral X-ray is contributed by their Gendex brand through the sales of its Expert DC. Additional competitors in the intraoral X-ray market include Sirona, Air Techniques, Progeny, Heraeus Kulzer, Flow Dental, Planmeca, Airbex, Belmont and ImageWorks among others.

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