Carna4 Inc.

Carna4 Inc.

February 27, 2012 10:55 ET

CARNA4 Sprouts Up in West Coast Canada and the Eastern U.S. as Synthetic-Free Dog Food Grows in Popularity

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 27, 2012) - Amid a steady pace of commercial pet food recalls, a growing number of pet owners are opting to feed their animals real, fresh and whole food, mirroring human health food trends.

CARNA4 Hand Crafted Dog Food ( is the first complete diet to exceed all the nutrient levels that dogs need, with only real food ingredients and no synthetic vitamin/mineral pre-mixes or any man-made additives whatsoever. It's baked with organic sprouted seeds, table-grade chicken, wild salmon and whole produce - which combine to deliver boosted levels of 64 bioavailable nutrients, 11 live probiotics, abundant antioxidants and digestive enzymes.

In eight months since its launch, CARNA4 has been picked up by more than 175 stores, in more than a dozen Canadian provinces and U.S. states.

Beyond nourishment that's comparable to a raw food or a home-cooked diet, CARNA4 gives time-stretched owners the convenience of a ready-to-serve meal that requires no powdered/liquid add-on supplements.

"With constant recalls of national brands, pet owners are worried about contaminants in pet food. Our customers are discovering CARNA4's uniquely pure formula lowers the risk considerably," says David Stauble, CARNA4 president. "Thanks to its high levels of naturally-occurring probiotics, digestive enzymes and fresh meat, it's also proving to be highly digestible and a great choice for dogs with sensitive tummies."

CARNA4 is available at select specialty pet food stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, as well as California, the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin) and New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island). Availability will soon be expanded in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest through newly added distributors: Aloha Natural Pet Supply (Vancouver, WA), Avafina Pet Products (Burnaby, BC), LADS Pet Supplies (Angola, NY), and Paws-itively Purr-fect Nutrition (Webster, MA).

Each batch of CARNA4 is made only with ingredients grown in the U.S. and Canada, prepared in a family-run Oklahoma bakery and assessed by Mortec Scientific Inc., an independent research and laboratory testing firm, for toxins, pathogens and bacteria (salmonella, E. coli, coliforms, listeria, aflatoxins, mercury) before it's released for sale. CARNA4 Inc. is a family-owned natural pet food company based in Toronto, Ontario, with a satellite office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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