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July 06, 2011 12:07 ET

Carpet Cleaning Franchises Take Second Place to Carpet Cleaning Dealerships -- Kwik Dry International

A Dealership Is Being in Business for Yourself but Not by Yourself

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Jul 6, 2011) - Why are carpet cleaning dealerships becoming more successful than the old-fashioned carpet cleaning franchises? Simply stated, a dealership offers more profit and more independence.

Carpet cleaning franchises offer a big brother approach where the big brother has ultimate control. Carpet cleaning franchises have strings attached that one may or may not like. On the other hand, carpet cleaning dealerships are more like a best friend who is guide and counselor, not boss.

The seller of the carpet cleaning franchise requires a large sum of money up front; gets a percentage of the profits for life; has territory restrictions depending on population and advertising is governed by the franchisor too.

At Kwik Dry International, the CEO, Chester Mulligan, has experienced first-hand and researched the differences between a carpet cleaning franchise and an owner/operator dealership. Twenty years ago Chester Mulligan bought an existing steam cleaning carpet cleaning franchise for $50,000 plus the cost of equipment. He paid 8% in carpet cleaning franchise monthly royalty fees, had to pay to be trained, and paid interest on the equipment that he had financed. For a novice entrepreneur this was a lot of money.

In addition, freedom of choice was limited. The franchisor was in charge of the where, the when, and the cost of advertising. Now carpet cleaning franchisor's are wising up to the fact that the franchisee may not be paying royalty fees on an accurate amount of sales, so they are charging a flat monthly rate of anywhere from $100 to $150 for advertising and miscellaneous costs.

A dealership is like a carpet cleaning franchise without all of the restraints. You are not an owner/employee, but an owner/operator with much more freedom, which every businessperson wants. Less overhead costs, and more power to choose will motivate the dealer to succeed.

Buying a Kwik Dry dealership costs $12,997 up front. That includes all of the equipment and cleaning solution needed to get going and clean up to 230 jobs. Chester Mulligan states that, "Bottom line -- nobody can put someone into business as inexpensively, with one-on-one support, with an established company, that has a proven track record, than Kwik Dry International."

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