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The Carphone Warehouse

March 30, 2005 01:48 ET

Carphone Warehouse taking the "rip off" international calling



MARCH 30, 2005 - 01:48 ET

Carphone Warehouse taking the "rip off" international

LONDON, ENGLAND--(CCNMatthews - March 30, 2005) -

Rates slashed by up to 98%

A transparent and mobile alternative to the Calling Card market

The Carphone Warehouse is today launching a new mobile phone network,
Mobile World that offers the lowest ever international call rates from a
mobile phone. Cheaper by up to 98%, these rates include just 5p per
minute to the US and Canada and 6p per minute to Australia, New Zealand,
China and Hong Kong, with no line rental, no contract and no connection

Until now, customers have had to either suffer exorbitant international
mobile phone rates or face the multitude of hidden charges and small
print from the calling card market.

Sample international calling rates comparisons

Country CPW Vodafone Orange Virgin IDT BT
Mobile Mobile calling Phone
World cards Box
China 6p Pounds Pounds 40p 6p Pounds
Sterling Sterling Sterling
1.49 1.00 3.00
Ghana 12p Pounds Pounds 80p 11.2p Pounds
Sterling Sterling Sterling
1.49 1.00 2.40
USA 5p 99p 20p 20p 6.5p Pounds
India 12p Pounds Pounds 80p 17.1p 50p
Sterling Sterling
1.49 1.00
Pakistan 14p Pounds Pounds 80p 21.4p 50p
Sterling Sterling
1.49 1.00

- calls to landlines per minute. See notes to editors (a) for further

Bringing a transparent mobile offering to the Calling Card market

Ofcom currently estimates the UK calling card industry to be worth
Pounds Sterling 500 million per year, with over 50 different service
providers, often lone traders, selling approx 150 million cards. Their
research suggests that around 8% of the adult population in the UK use
calling cards (around 3.7 million adults). The most popular destinations
for calling card users include India, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria and China
and usage is particularly popular amongst those in lower income (under
Pounds Sterling 15k per annum) households or those using English as a
second language.

This vast market is often being unwittingly ripped off as many calling
card providers levy higher tariffs than those advertised, as well as
short-term card expiration, high connection costs, and weekly or monthly
maintenance fees.
The Carphone Warehouse is bringing a trusted, quality and value player
to this market, with no hidden charges. Ofcom has defined the profile
for the pre-paid calling card market as less likely than average to have
a fixed line phone at home but more likely than average to have at least
one mobile in the home. Mobile World enables this market to make low
cost international calls from their mobile phone for the first time.

Great value domestic rates

In addition to ground breaking international calling rates, Mobile World
offers a great value domestic rate of 15p per minute to any UK mobile or
landline and 7p for all UK texts. The Carphone Warehouse has been able
to offer such unbeatable rates by carrying the international leg of the
call through its own fixed line operator Opal Telecom. Calls made to UK
mobile and landline numbers are carried on the T-Mobile network.

Comments Charles Dunstone, Chief Executive of The Carphone Warehouse:

"There are a huge number of people in the UK who need to make regular
international calls to family and friends abroad or to international
work colleagues. Until now they have either had to pay extortionate
rates on their mobile or face the mass confusion of the calling card
market, riddled with hidden charges. Mobile World is filling the gap in
this market for these customers, by providing an unbeatable
international rate from your mobile phone."

Mobile World SIM cards are available from today for Pounds Sterling 9.99
from all 600 Carphone Warehouse stores as well as from From May, Mobile World will also be available
from a wide range of independent outlets and tops ups will be available
at mobile top up points nationwide.


For further information:
The Carphone Warehouse:
Vanessa Tipple: 07947 00 00 21
Press Office: 0845 604 1207

Notes to editors:

(a) Table calculations
- Mobile World calculated as is
- Vodafone, Orange and Virgin Mobile all represented as their pay as
you go tariffs
- IDT Number One phone card has a 5p surcharge when calling the 0800
access number. This is included in the price per minute. Using rates
from Pounds Sterling 10.00 card
- BT Phone Box charges correct as from 01/2005

Further information on Mobile World:
- Mobile World Sim cards cost Pounds Sterling 9.99, including Pounds
Sterling 5 credit at point of purchase on provision of name and
- Customers can top up credit in Pounds Sterling 5,
Pounds Sterling 10, Pounds Sterling 20 increments, with a maximum
of Pounds Sterling 50
- When credit is down to Pounds Sterling 2, customers will receive
a text message reminder
- To make international calls, customers simply need to dial 2 in
front of international number
- Top ups must be used within 60 days, one outbound call must be made
within a 60 day period
- Maximum call time of 60 minutes in order to avoid business abuse
(simply need to hang up and redial after then)
- A 2.5p per minute surcharge levied by T-Mobile, will be added to
all calls made between 7pm - 9pm, during the week
- Customers will need a minimum Pounds Sterling 1 credit to make
international calls
- Roaming and MMS are not available

Further information on the UK calling card market
- According to the European Calling Card Association (ECCA/industry
trade body) immigrants, migrant workers and foreign students
account for 79 - 88 per cent of calling card customers in the UK
- Ofcom has defined the profile for the pre-paid calling card market
as significantly more likely to have Asian or Black background,
generally young-middle aged (up to 45) and more likely to live in
London as this area has a higher proportion of ethnic groups
- Ofcom has just completed a 10 month inquiry on the use of
misleading advertising by phone card companies, i.e. claims that
the international rates on offer were better value than they
actually were. Pledges have been made from three of the four
companies probed to follow fair trade and conduct rules
- Lone traders are currently able to purchase their own switch for
an approximate cost of Pounds Sterling 20k - a very low barrier to
entry in the market
- If the card provider suddenly goes out of business, the customer's
calling card is worthless

Mobile World Call charges
Landline / Mobile
USA / Australasia
USA 5p 5p
Canada 5p 5p
Australia 6p 20p
New Zealand 6p 22p

Europe 1
Belgium 7p 20p
Croatia 7p 7p
Czech Republic 7p 20p
Denmark 7p 20p
France 7p 20p
Germany 7p 20p
Greece 7p 20p
Hungary 7p 20p
Irish Republic 5p 20p
Israel 7p 20p
Italy 7p 20p
Netherlands 7p 20p
Norway 7p 20p
Poland 7p 20p
Portugal 7p 20p
Russia 7p 20p
Slovakia 7p 20p
Spain 7p 20p
Sweden 7p 20p

Europe 2
Albania 12p 20p
Armenia 14p 22p
Cyprus 10p 20p
Estonia 7p 22p
Latvia 12p 12p
Malta 14p 20p
Romania 10p 22p
Serbia & Montenegro 12p 12p
Switzerland 7p 29p
Ukraine 10p 10p

Cameroon 20p 20p
Egypt 20p 20p
Ghana 12p 15p
Kenya 20p 25p
Morocco 20p 25p
Nigeria 12p 20p
Senegal 18p 18p
South Africa 8p 20p
Zambia 12p 12p
Zimbabwe 12p 12p

Bangladesh 12p 17p
China 6p 7p
Hong Kong 6p 6p
India 12p 14p
Indonesia 12p 18p
Iran 14p 14p
Japan 10p 18p
Pakistan 14p 20p
Philippines 12p 20p
Saudi Arabia 18p 25p
South Korea 7p 15p
Sri Lanka 15p 15p
Taiwan 8p 12p
Thailand 10p 15p
Turkey 12p 18p
United Arab Emirates 18p 18p

S America
Antigua 16p 16p
Argentina 7p 20p
Brazil 8p 20p
Barbados 17p 17p
Chile 7p 17p
Jamaica 8p 20p
Mexico 12p 15p
Venezuela 10p 20p


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