November 12, 2007 03:00 ET Offers Readers Latest Automotive News With Reviews and Articles

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - In the 21st century news events can dramatically affect the car buying experience, from limiting the availability of given models to positively or negatively effecting pricing., a comprehensive automotive website based in San Jose, California now provides its readers with daily news updates in addition to cutting edge reviews and the library of in-depth, vehicle-related articles which have always been part of the site.

Each business day Carseek's staff of writers and researchers sift through the latest automotive news and prepare clear, succinct summaries for readers. In recent weeks these updates have included reports on the pipeline explosions in Mexico that shut down assembly plants and parts facilities as well as multiple reports on the contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers Union and General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford.

"Gone are the days when buying a car was as simple as going down to the lot and picking something out," said Wes Mayder, CEO and President of "Car manufacturers operate on a global basis, so if a pipeline blows up in Mexico and an assembly plant shuts down in response, buyers may see the supply of a given car model tighten up pretty quickly."

Recognizing that Americans wade through a tidal wave of information from multiple sources on a daily basis, the Carseek writers keep their news bulletins under 250 words, supplying key facts in a crisp, clear style.

"Readers can get lengthy articles on the minutiae of any story from multiple news sites," said Mayder. "That's not our goal. We want our readers to come away with the key facts of any news story so when they hear later in the day that the UAW went on strike against Chrysler, it's no surprise and they know exactly why that strike happened."

These daily updates, combined with Carseek's trademark, frank reviews of the latest automotive models will only boost the site's excellent reputation. In the Articles section, readers will find well-researched pieces including material on conserving gasoline, understanding alternative fuels, and selecting car insurance.

"Right now we're adding the car reviews for the 2008 models, working on new articles, and posting news updates daily," said Mayder. "We keep our writers busy generating relevant, useful content for our readers. It's the whole point of the Carseek site."

News items on the site are prominently posted on the front page and updated during each business day. The editors invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to:

About, an information-rich automotive website now provides daily news updates in addition to extensive vehicle reviews and a knowledge base of articles on wide-ranging topics. The site has always been a one-stop solution to consumers interested in all aspects of buying and owning an automobile in the 21st century. Now it features daily updates on the state of the industry, as well.

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