May 02, 2007 00:00 ET

CarSoup Publishes New Car Buying and Leasing Guidelines

CarSoup, a Leading New and Used Car Sales Web Site, Provides Guidelines on Buying or Leasing New Cars, Car Financing Information

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2007 --, a leading online source for new and used car and truck sales and research has released guidelines for consumers on choosing whether to buy or lease new vehicles.

When in the market for a new car or truck one of the first decisions consumers face is whether to buy or lease. While buying and leasing each have their own advantages, there are important differences to consider before going to the showroom.

"There isn't a right answer to the question of which is better: buying or leasing a new car or truck," said Larry Cuneo, CarSoup president and CEO. "We want to help consumers understand the key differences between buying and leasing, however, so they can apply their knowledge to their personal situation when looking for a new vehicle."

Some individual circumstances of driving needs and requirements that should affect a consumer's decision on whether to buy or lease new vehicles include: mileage, wear and tear and payment options.

It's important for consumers to assess their driving needs when considering whether to lease or buy a car or truck. Most leases limit the number of miles that can be driven as well as wear and tear on the vehicle; there are generally charges for exceeding these limits when leased vehicles are returned. New vehicles that are bought can be driven as desired, but higher mileage and more wear and tear will reduce the vehicle's trade-in or resale value.

Monthly lease payments on a new car or truck are usually lower than monthly financing payments because the leaser is paying only for the new car's depreciation during the lease term, plus rent charges and other fees. When financing a new car, monthly payments are usually higher than a monthly lease payment because the entire purchase price of the vehicle, including interest, other finance charges and taxes are being paid for.

Whether leasing or buying a new car, financing can be confusing. CarSoup provides auto loan information for first time buyers, an easy to use finance payment calculator to determine monthly purchase payments and listings of dealers who can help consumers get auto loans despite poor credit in their credit resource center.

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