April 22, 2009 09:19 ET

CarSpotter: New Text Service for Car Information

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - April 22, 2009) -

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CarSpotter is a new text service in the UK which delivers car information to mobile phones. Just text the registration number to 86007 and you'll receive a message about the car's price and another one about its performance.

CarSpotter is a new service designed to help people in search of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles. Using CarSpotter, anyone with a mobile phone can get information about vehicle price and performance, quickly and easily. By sending the registration number in a text message, consumers can find out a car's make, model and year, the number of previous owners, and an estimate of its current value. What's more, CarSpotter provides information about vehicle performance including maximum speed, fuel efficiency, horsepower, weight and acceleration (0-60 mph).

Help in the purchasing process

Every year the British buy and sell millions of second-hand cars. In recent years, the Internet has played a powerful role helping people to buy cars. But, the final decision always takes place in the showroom. It's for this reason that people visit more than one car dealer. When speaking to dealers, most consumers come ill-equipped with the information they need about car value and performance. With CarSpotter's help, consumers can now know what the dealers know about cars.

Useful and fun

Even though CarSpotter's original purpose is an informational one, it turns out this new text message service has got a high 'fun factor'. Consumers like being able to find out how much the neighbour or the boss paid for their car, or to find out all about that beautiful 4x4 stuck next to you in traffic. CarSpotter makes it all possible. Just 'spot' the registration number and you'll know it all. It's all very simple. Consumers send the registration number in a text message to 86007. Within thirty seconds, they receive two messages in return. The first provides data about make, model, year, colour, number of previous owners, price new and an estimate of the current price. The second message offers information about the car's performance - maximum speed, number of cylinders, horsepower, fuel consumption, acceleration from 0-60 mph and empty weight. Each message that the consumer receives costs Pounds Sterling 1.50. CarSpotter works for cars and light commercial vehicles.


The purpose of CarSpotter is to provide objective information to European consumers about motor vehicles using the Short Message Service (SMS) available to mobile phones. CarSpotter is an international enterprise which entered the Dutch market in 2005. It was hailed as the 'Best Mobile Concept' and now has thousands of daily users. In just a few short years, it has grown to become the Netherlands' most popular SMS information service. It is expected that CarSpotter can assume a similar position in the UK. Carspotter will start broadcasting an extensive television advertising campaign exclusively on ITV1, ITV2 and ITV4.

Partners in the UK

CarSpotter works in the UK together with the Mobile Interactive Group ( The information for CarSpotter's service comes from the same companies that supply data to UK car dealers. For questions about CarSpotter, consumers can visit For press information about CarSpotter in the UK, you can contact Paul Priester +31 6 53438382 or email your question to

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