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June 18, 2015 04:00 ET

Cart Assist Joins Forces With nanorep to Launch a Self-Service Solution With Major Cost Benefits for UK Retailers

KENT, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 18, 2015) -

Cart Assist, the best in breed for Customer Experience support services in the UK, adds nanorep's digital customer assistant solution to increase reach of customer service capabilities.

- Cart Assist employs nanorep's self-service engine to launch an omni-channel customer engagement solution

- UK Retailers implementing nanorep powered Cart Assist, are experiencing a 50% reduction in customer experience overhead

- nanorep's next generation software is increasing response time and improving customer engagements

nanorep, the leading digital customer assistant, announces strategic partnership with Cart Assist, an award winning UK customer experience support platform. nanorep's technology will enable Cart Assist to provide unique real-time support and instant answers to online shoppers via self-service knowledgebase technology - dramatically reducing customer support costs and increasing online conversions. Cart Assist's clients who onboard nanorep into their suite of service options are experiencing a 50% reduction in customer experience overhead, an increase in response time and improved customer engagements.

nanorep-powered Cart Assist is on trend for the future of customer service. According to sources such as Forrester, more and more customers expect, and in some cases even prefer, self-service. "Customers are evolving into an omni-channel entity that choose their preferred method and channel in which they submit their queries," shared nanorep CEO Eli Campo. "Our new partner in the UK has a reputation for stellar customer service practices and in-house capabilities that are best suited with the vision of our self-service solution."

With nanorep's digital self-service technology, Cart Assist can instantly and correctly answer high-volume, repetitive questions, while enabling seamless escalation paths to the call centers, based on the customer's profile and specific issue. This ensures that the utmost attention can be given to the high-touch, urgent issues that require the human touch of a live agent. Self-service is the starting point for customer service, either supporting instant resolution or accurately dispatching for effortless resolution.

"Our clients are certainly pleased with the implementation of nanorep's technology into Cart Assist, since it can fit into their whole communication strategy with their customers so easily," shared Mark Kirby, CEO at Cart Assist, a subsidiary of the Ostinati Ltd Group. "nanorep's engine is the best in its field and was an easy choice for us as it provides a competitive edge to our award-winning, 24/7 call centre services. Technology can never replace the power of the human touch in customer service, but when used strategically, it simply amplifies the reach of our service." Mark mentioned that many retailers are ready to take the self-service plunge to ensure that the end consumer receives consistent, high quality service while saving money and driving operational efficiencies.

About nanorep

nanorep is the premier digital customer assistant. By enabling your customers to take educated actions, nanorep transforms your company knowledge into an instantly accessible asset at every stage along the customer journey. nanorep injects the most pertinent knowledge into context for every customer, employee and website visitor to deliver actionable answers, in real-time, at every touch point and screen.

Since nanorep was founded in 2009, top brands have implemented their self-service tools across their digital assets. They enjoy increased user satisfaction, conversions and loyalty, while reducing customer support load. Follow nanorep on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

About Cart Assist

Cart Assist is a subsidiary of the Ostinati Ltd Group which operates from Kent, UK dedicated in providing leading edge, award winning Customer Experience support services aimed at online retailers. Cart Assist brings unique real-time support and instant answers to online shoppers via self-service knowledgebase technology - dramatically reducing customer support overheads and increasing online conversions.

With over a decade of experience in providing high quality customer services on behalf of many leading brands, Cart Assist can work either as a stand-alone online support tool or can be integrated with the Group's other services such as 24/7 call centre support and integrated managed live chat capabilities, providing a one-stop-shop Online Customer Support offering for the Digital Retailer wanting to maximise the quality of customer service provision to their customers whilst maintaining cost efficiencies, customer-focussed response times with consistent and trusted 24/7 support.

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