July 27, 2011 08:00 ET

Carver County Selects ENXSUITE to Manage Energy Performance

Minnesota County Leverages Social Characteristics of ENXSUITE Platform to Implement Widespread Sustainability Program

SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - July 27, 2011) -

ENXSUITE, creator of the world's first and most extensive energy performance management platform, today announced that Carver County, has selected the company's SaaS system to manage and monitor energy use as a base for a comprehensive energy plan. ENXSUITE's collaborative project repository, PowerNet, will allow the County to access and share all energy information from a single, convenient place.

The growth in sustainability initiatives executed by Fortune 500 companies and urban municipalities has been widely reported, particularly in recent months. Carver County's deployment of ENXSUITE's platform demonstrates these initiatives are proliferating beyond the organizations or communities many consider to be the most polluting, or energy intensive, and into less dense areas or those typically thought of as more 'green'. This reinforces the idea confirmed by a host of recent reports that large-scale energy efficiency programs – and thereby, energy management software – are becoming an integral part of organizations throughout a variety of industries and geographies.

Carver County will use the ENX platform to collate total cost and performance of energy, fuel, wastewater and product metrics, enabling the county to benchmark and compare usage. Specific analyzed assets include buildings, vehicles, employee commutes and material products such as paper and office supplies.

"ENXSUITE has crafted a tool that we believe will help us get our arms around all of our diverse energy use," said Leslie Wilson, Environmentalist III at Carver County. "The challenge of tracking a comprehensive sustainability project like ours is not insignificant. ENXSUITE's collaborative solution was an exciting choice, and we look forward to utilizing the platform to help our county focus on how we can reduce costs by fully understanding our energy use."

ENXSUITE's software and its unique PowerNet web portal will give Carver County a central location for tracking and creating quantitative and behavioral strategies, actions and projects within the program. PowerNet allows project participants in all of Carver County's cities to manage energy inventory, active reductions and project performance unilaterally, allowing investments and metrics to be measured in one place. In doing so, ENXSUITE provides Carver County's sustainability team with ongoing access to the data and insight needed to sufficiently measure, monitor and manage its energy performance.

"We commend Carver County for their vision and for being among the first mixed rural and metro counties to deploy a comprehensive energy reduction program," said Beatriz Infante, CEO of ENXSUITE. "As people become more and more accustomed to online and social communication, it is only natural this will transfer to the management of energy. ENXSUITE's platform is made for projects like the County's, with a variety of stakeholders in need of a single place to track progress against goals. We look forward to watching Carver County use ENXSUITE's software to transform its environmental performance."


ENXSUITE provides a comprehensive, integrated, on-demand energy performance management system whose actionable intelligence helps companies analyze, model, mine and manage the performance of their enterprise-wide energy assets. Its software includes a sophisticated energy data integration and consolidation platform that provides a unified view of energy, GHG, carbon, water, waste and other resources. A rich set of business intelligence and data mining capabilities enable companies to run their energy and sustainability initiatives like a business. This SaaS platform helps customers evaluate current inventories, set reduction targets, and optimize reduction initiatives by connecting to the world's largest sustainability and energy management network.

About Carver County

Carver County, Minnesota is located just southwest of the "Twin Cities" of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is the least populated of the seven metro counties, but is the state's fifth fastest growing county as well. The estimated 2010 population of 91,042 is expected to more than double by 2030. It is geographically one of the metro area's smallest counties, but takes great pride in being an upscale community with beautiful natural surroundings. Carver County offers the ideal combination of a picturesque setting and an attractive professional opportunity. While Carver County is preparing for forward momentum and explosive growth through 2030, we are steeped in a rich history, which represents the culture, passion, and pride that has made the county what it is today.

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