October 05, 2014 10:00 ET

Cary Lee Peterson Focuses on 2016 Elections and "Every Vote Counts" Voter's Awareness Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C.--(Marketwired - Oct. 5, 2014) - There has been a vast amount of media coverage on Cary Lee Peterson, a congressional candidate of Guam for 2014 elections in the United States, who is representing National Independent American Party. Peterson announced that he is 'sitting out 2014 elections' due to his decision to focus on working on activities and growth at NIAP and IAPUST that are pertinent to prepare for 2016 U.S. Elections.

Cary Lee Peterson, LL.D. has served as a Main NGO Representative for United Nations, an intergovernmental delegate for European Parliament, an ambassador of a diplomatic mission, and a Wall Street CEO over the past years, in addition to his current position as President of United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association. His endeavors in U.S. politics have escalated over the past couple years and are still active with current issues in community and foreign affairs on social development, education, human trafficking, human rights, and climate change.

The social media has displayed remarkable results for Peterson and his affiliate groups and associations during 2014, with over 150,000 followers and friends total accumulated over the past six months. Peterson, a single father tells the press 'every brick counts building a house and that 2016 [elections] and focusing on family values that effect his own household and the rest of America are more important than moving into new pursuits prematurely.'

National Independent American Party has launched a national volunteer's committee and continues to grow and seek out partnerships with the other independent political parties throughout the United States with similar political views and outlook to unify a robust and official third party in the U.S. to secure a strong presence and series of political campaigns in 2016.

Cary Lee Peterson is currently the appointed Chief Coordinator of Every Vote Counts - Restoring America' Voter's Awareness Campaign and Chairman of Independent American Party of United States Territories.

Article by: Allan Anderson, EMW Services

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