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October 18, 2015 09:06 ET

Cary Lee Peterson: I Bet on Bernie Sanders and He's Winning Like Charlie Sheen As I Said He Would

PoliWatch Update: Interview With Pro-Bernie Sanders PAC Chief Director Cary Peterson Tells All About His Reason for Backing Bernie Sanders and His Plans for Pro-Bernie Sanders Super PAC Americans Socially United

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - October 18, 2015) - Last week's Democratic presidential debate showed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as the winner based on commentary from reporting from Huffington Post and Newsweek.

Americans Socially United chief director Cary Lee Peterson, who started the 'Bet on Bernie' theme, says, "I bet on Bernie this time last year because I saw it coming and know a winner when I see them. He's winning like Charlie Sheen and I said he would when I started 'INC' this time last year. The man is stellar and possesses every element for a post-Obama America."

Cary Peterson, a U.S. Senate lobbyist who received adverse press coverage about his Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016 political action committee formed in February, has remained loyal to Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, building a massive social media network compilation of over two million pro-Sanders followers and has went as far as getting a billboard ad to promote the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders for '16 president in New York, Times Square back in April and reeling in thousands of donors.

Americans Socially United (formerly known as Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016) has told PoliWatch in a recent interview that they plan to spend more focus on getting Bernie Sanders, the Brooklyn born and bred senator, onto the ballot via local political party petitioning.

Peterson tells PoliWatch, "He clearly says he has no PAC directly and we acknowledge; We are here to help now, later, and in the final hour [General Election]. He uses ActBlue, a super PAC to raise funds for his benefit. We're seeking the benefit of the doubt. We deserve that much for being here since day one. Hopefully the future debates he clarifies the type of PACs he does not condone and the political committees he does honor. It could be perceived as contradictive, hypocritical, or confusing otherwise."

"I truly appreciate Bernie Sanders' feedback and statement during the debate on legalization of medical marijuana," states Cary Lee Peterson, a primary flagship delegate for the legalization movement of medical cannabis in Pacific territories of the United States.

Americans Socially United has since filed their mid-year financial report with Federal Election Commission, has live events planned for the remainder of the year. and through the first 2016 Primary elections.

Article by: Jason Vasquez

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