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August 10, 2011 09:00 ET

Casale Media Offers Advertisers Real-Time Bidding on Premium Online Media Inventory

casaleX Offers Premium Exchange for Publishers to Control and Choose Ad Campaigns; Grants Select DSPs and Agency Trading Desks Exclusive Access to Brand-Safe Inventory

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 10, 2011) - Casale Media Inc., a leading premium online media company, today announced casaleX, an offering that gives select demand side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks exclusive access to premium inventory from leading online publishers. casaleX, the industry's first true premium exchange with real-time bidding (RTB), expands quality advertiser demand available to its publisher partners by integrating real-time bids from select agency trading desks and demand side platforms (DSPs) while still leaving its publishers with maximum control over ad campaigns.

Casale Media is the first premium online media technology company to transform the ad exchange model into a high quality, brand-safe media marketplace. Demand partners are carefully vetted and hand-selected before integration with casaleX to ensure advertisers most appropriate for its publishers. In turn, marketers access the highest quality above-the-fold inventory from Casale Media's premium publisher roster. Casale Media's publishing customers utilize RTB for a head-to-head comparison between agency trading desks, DSPs and Casale Media-sourced advertisers to see who can best monetize inventory. Publishers have unprecedented control of campaigns, choosing which advertisers and campaigns can bid for inventory.

"Publishers want to boost revenue with real-time bidding, but they don't want to give up full control over what specific advertisers and industries are authorized to bid right down to the exact campaigns and creative," said Joe Casale, CEO of Casale Media. "With both factors in mind, we organically created a real-time bidding engine and hand-selected demand partners that meet our strict requirements to ensure the quality of ads and bids coming through the system. Our focus on choice, control and ease streamlines the process for our publishing clients, many of whom we've been working with for four or five years, to unlock new streams of revenue."

Advertisers want assurances that their brand is not mixed in with low-quality ads or low-quality pages. To that end, casaleX sources above-the-fold, premium-quality impressions with very specific placements from leading publishers, inventory which is not available on other exchanges. Unlike other ad serving platforms, Casale Media offers viewable impressions and true reach based on actual ads served, which, combined with a selective pool of publishers, allows for a high level of exclusivity and quality for demand partners.

casaleX empowers publishers to be selective and choose the best advertisers for their brand and the best monetization opportunity for their inventory. Publishers access a fully transparent list of new campaigns being bought through RTB and compare that with advertiser demand generated through Casale Media's sales team. They can see who is bidding, which campaigns, what volumes, what bid prices, and what creative. Publishers can choose which advertisers and campaigns to add to their Web sites. Casale Media offers a guaranteed eCPM through its advertisers, ensuring that all inventory is monetized.

Casale Media's premium-quality supply augments the power of RTB. RTB is a natural extension of Casale Media's existing technology. The company has operated as a real-time private marketplace since 2003. All real-time bidding campaigns are bound by the same guidelines and parameters as all other campaigns run on the Casale Media's marketplace.

About Casale Media
Since 2003, Casale Media has been redefining the standard for online media quality, ad delivery management and media optimization technologies with premium services that generate measurable success for all stakeholders in media and marketing. casaleX, the industry's first true premium exchange with real-time bidding, is a high quality, brand-safe media marketplace that gives publishing partners maximum control and advertisers premium impressions from 3,000 of Casale Media's actively monitored publishing customers. The company's premium advertising network, MediaNet, is used by eight of the top 10 U.S. online displayer advertisers and reaches nearly 70 percent of the U.S. online audience. One of the leading independent online media companies, Casale Media is guided by its dedication to needs-based development and quality-focused culture. More information is available at

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