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Cascada Mobile

January 24, 2006 08:00 ET

Cascada Mobile Announces Peer-to-Peer Distribution Solution for J2ME Applications

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 24, 2006) -

TAG Technology Helps Publishers and Carriers Tap into Existing
Customer Base to Expand Revenues

Cascada Mobile, a provider of technology for peer-to-peer mobile content distribution, today announced the Cascada TAG™ referral distribution technology. TAG provides mobile content publishers and developers with a simple solution to enable instantaneous referral of content between any mobile subscriber and their peers.

TAG works by providing publishers and developers with a simple API that is embedded into any J2ME game or application. Once a subscriber purchases and downloads the application, he can at any time refer or recommend the application to his peers by selecting the recommend menu option embedded in the application. The TAG system then takes care of notifying the intended recipients of the recommendation and determining the version and location of the application that will be compatible with the recipient's mobile device and carrier.

"The installed base of Java enabled mobile phones has reached critical mass and continues to grow daily. However, the market for downloadable applications has been limited due to the complexities of the current distribution model," said Tony Davis, Executive Chairman of Cascada Mobile. "Word of mouth referral is the most powerful distribution model. Extending this model to the mobile will provide benefits such as education of the value of downloadable content, a simpler application download experience and ultimately a much wider range of available applications."

Consumers Can Find Relevant Content Faster and Easier

One of the greatest challenges facing mobile content developers and publishers today is in getting customers to find applications on carrier portals. Most content is purchased because it is a recognizable brand included in a "What's New" or "Top 10" list provided on a carrier's deck. With TAG, publishers can increase revenues even on niche applications by providing mobile subscribers with easier access to relevant content suggested by friends in as few as two clicks.

Easy for Publishers

TAG provides publishers with increased revenue opportunities, through new downloads coming from referrals made by existing customers. The implementation is low risk because publishers pay only for performance.

The TAG SDK is integrated by a developer or publisher into the targeted game or application. This process typically takes less than five hours, including testing. TAG provides the greatest flexibility on how and when a referral can be initiated, either from a game menu or as the result of an event in the application. Because the integration takes place in development, the "recommend" to a friend feature matches the look and feel of the application. Solid reporting features mean that publishers get a new level of insight into customer behavior.

Good for Mobile Carriers

TAG enables carriers to expand the audience for downloads without impacting existing business agreements. The service overlays existing carrier infrastructure and network elements to provide cross-carrier functionality without any effort required on the carrier's part. It also minimizes any potential challenges caused by fragmentation, ensuring content will work on multiple devices.

"Carriers that we have spoken to are amazed," said Davis. "They see the value in the service and like the idea of generating revenue without incurring additional costs."

Cascada Mobile's TAG service is currently available in North America on most carriers supporting J2ME.

About Cascada Mobile

Cascada Mobile enables wireless carriers and content publishers to grow revenues through the viral (peer-to-peer) distribution of mobile games and other applications. Cascada's flagship TAG technology works across carriers and geographic borders empowering operators, publishers and distributors to share content between the myriad mobile devices available on the market today, while leveraging existing subscribers, clients and infrastructure. Cascada Mobile is a privately held company funded by Brightspark Ventures. For additional information on Cascada, visit

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