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March 09, 2010 09:25 ET

Cascade Microtech Expands 1/f Noise Measurement Solution to Address Frequency Range of 1 Hz to 40 MHz

New Features Available as a Retrofit Module to Existing Cascade Microtech Probe Stations or With New Probe Station to Support Both Flicker Noise and Standard DC Parametric Tests

BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) -   Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCD) today announced the release of its new EDGE™ 1/f (flicker) noise measurement solution with 1 Hz to 40 MHz coverage. The EDGE module is a field-upgradable retrofit to most Cascade Microtech probe stations and includes software tools for 1/f noise modeling and statistical analysis which support noise measurement up to 10 MHz. In addition, with the new EDGE hardware, Cascade Microtech now offers a lower cost, fully integrated EDGE measurement system for frequency ranges up to 40 MHz, which includes site preparation, validation, and equipment installation. Both solutions utilize new software with features such as advanced graphical viewer, statistical analysis, and automatic report creation. With carefully engineered ultra-low background noise, EDGE 1/f noise measurement solutions offer low-level noise measurement over the widest commercially available frequency range (1 Hz to 40 MHz) for flicker noise measurement as well as standard DC parametric testing.

Used in process development, process control, and device modeling, 1/f noise measurements are a key quality indicator for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes. Occurring in all semiconductors, 1/f noise can compromise device performance by causing jitter or phase noise in communications devices, which results in high bit error rates. It can also cause random retention errors in flash memory or soft errors in SRAM. Flicker noise, a major contributor to device noise, is the gating barrier to reducing device operating voltages.

EDGE solutions address 1/f noise characterization for semiconductor devices, 1/f noise model parameter extraction, and process reliability evaluation using 1/f noise data. EDGE assures "noise-free" operation even when testing over a thermal range of -60°C to 300°C. The EDGE module and EDGE system offer multi-die and multi-site wafer stepping and have the lowest level of extrinsic noise, unmatched noise immunity, and the widest bandwidth (1 Hz to 40 MHz) in the market today.

The updated software provides intuitive 1/f noise measurement, extracts noise model parameters, and performs statistical analysis. Both the EDGE module and the fully integrated EDGE system now benefit from this enhanced software which supports 1/f noise characterization for FETs, BJTs, resistors, diodes, and varactors. The software consists of three components for 1/f noise solutions: the Measurement Tool for complete device characterization, the Analysis Tool for modeling and the Viewer Tool for statistical analysis and report generation.

"Our customers are demanding better noise immunity and wider bandwidth than current competitive solutions in the market today -- all with a lower cost of integration," said F. Paul Carlson, Chairman and CEO, Cascade Microtech, Inc. "Cascade Microtech is able to offer the only integrated system with its EDGE 1/f noise measurement solutions. These significantly increase measurement speed to provide a much faster modeling process. Combined with the enhanced measurement accuracy, our customers now have the right solution to reduce development costs while improving time-to-market."

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