Petrotranz Inc.

Petrotranz Inc.

July 22, 2009 09:30 ET

Case Study- Secure Energy Streamlines Operations, Cuts Costs and Reduces Risk with Petrotranz COTS

Oilfield Services Company Highlights Significant & Measurable Improvements

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 22, 2009) - Petrotranz Inc., announced today the publishing of a Case Study with Secure Energy Services (Secure). Secure, a Canadian-based Oilfield Services Company, implemented the Facility Portal of the Petrotranz Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) and has received significant & measurable improvements throughout the organization in the areas of Risk Reduction, Operational Efficiencies, and Improvements to their Communication & Collaboration Capabilities with their customers.

Highlighted in the Case Study:


  • Slashed Form A cycle time from 40 hours to 4 hours (1,000 % improvement).
  • Cut Form C, Shipper Splits, & Final Volume time from 24 hours to 2 hours (1,200 % improvement).


  • Accelerated Forecast Correction turnaround from 2 weeks to 1 day (1,000 % improvement).
  • Replaced Receipt & Data Re-entry with Real-Time Verification & Review.


  • Reduced Over Nomination & Missing/Incorrect Forecast Risk.                                              
  • Replaced Data Verification & Analysis Capabilities from "Hit & Miss" to Online.

Full Case Study available at:

"It's always about improving your customer service and relations", says Rene Amirault, CEO of Secure Energy Services. "COTS lowers the risks involved in forecast data and allows us to improve our customer service and scale our business processes with less manpower."

"We are extremely pleased with the results Secure has received from implementing COTS", says Ron Gagnon, President, Petrotranz Inc. "Secure is an organization that recognizes the importance of streamlining the communication & collaboration between all stakeholders of the crude oil industry. COTS is the first service that provides these efficiencies".

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Petrotranz Inc.'s Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) is the first secure, easy-to-use, web-based communication and collaboration platform that streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oil from wellhead to market. Petrotranz COTS provides Producers, Facility Operators (pipelines, truck terminals, cleaning plants) and Marketers the ability to forecast shipping volumes, capture production information, and reconcile delivered quantities to complete and submit delivery forecasts online each month.

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