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November 30, 2011 01:00 ET

Cash Genie Affirm Payday Loans Could Help Tenants with Rising Rent Costs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2011) - Payday loans are becoming an increasingly popular solution for helping people get by until the end of the month and Cash Genie, one of the leading UK payday loan companies, believe their loans can be particularly useful in helping tenants cope with rising rent prices.

Cash Genie have the facilities to lend out short term cash loans between £75 and £750. With the aid of these financial solutions, tenants can temporarily cope with an inflated rent cost.

The BBC reported last month that two separate studies concluded 85% of private landlord rents in the South West are unaffordable and 55% of rents are unaffordable across the UK on a whole. Cash Genie's rapid approval process is ideal for financial emergencies like rising accommodation rates.

With rent prices so high, a lot of people in the UK are turning to buying property as a surprisingly cheaper alternative. Property website carried out research which suggests renting is now 13% higher than the average cost of owning property. A spokesperson for the company said:

'Rent prices seem to be constantly on the rise and we understand tenants may come unstuck from time to time. It's a little bit of a shock when a three day eviction notice is posted through your door but with short loans, you can relax knowing the rent can be paid.

'Equally, people moving out for the first time can find it difficult to gather enough cash to pay the deposit plus the first and the last month's rent - payday loans can help here too.'

Cash Genie are a fully licensed UK based loan company and responsibly lend to customers who need that little bit of extra cash to bridge the gap between paydays.

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Cash Genie is an online lender of short-term loans. Their loans range from £75 - £750 and can be deposited into customer bank accounts on the same day as the application.

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