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July 13, 2005 14:02 ET

Catalyst Conference Addresses Crucial Enterprise IT Infrastructure Issues

Networks, Security, Identity Management, and Application Platforms Top the Agenda for 2005

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 13, 2005 -- Burton Group Catalyst Conference -- Burton Group's Catalyst Conference North America 2005 kicked off today with four keynote addresses that set the stage for discussion of crucial enterprise IT infrastructure for the three-day conference. Presented by Burton Group's research chair and senior research directors, each keynote focused on the major trends facing enterprise technologists with the commitment to demonstrate real-world solutions by conference end.

In the Application Platform Strategies track, Research Director, Anne Thomas Manes set the day's agenda by examining the ramifications -- both good and bad -- of the ongoing trend for application platform vendors to amass more and more functionality into their integrated application platforms. These modern "superplatforms" comprise web servers, application servers, portals, collaboration services, integration brokers, content management, data management, identity management, and more. She identified two fundamental superplatform foundations: .NET and J2EE. But enterprise still have other options. As an alternative to superplatforms, enterprises can adopt a build-it-yourself platform approach based on open source "rebel" frameworks.

In the Identity and Privacy Strategies track, Burton Group CEO and Research Chair Jamie Lewis said that regulatory compliance continues to be the primary business driver of identity management deployments. But identity management will ultimately enable interoperable application architectures that support integrated business processes that span boundaries. As standards and products mature, Lewis predicted identity services will emerge as a core component of service-oriented architectures. Lewis also discussed the evolution of digital identity systems for the Internet. Lewis forecasted the emergence of user-centric identity management tools that will empower individuals to manage their on-line identities. But these user-centric tools will operate in a larger, poly-centric identity infrastructure that will allow the Internet identity system to accommodate many different needs.

In the Network and Telecom Strategies track, Research Director David Passmore claimed new developments like fixed mobile convergence, technologies for video distribution and content delivery, and greater nodal intelligence promise to radically change network architectures. "As carriers struggle to find new business models as their phone lines go away and network transport services become increasingly commoditized, the good news is widespread and affordable broadband and wireless services that will facilitate new forms of network computing," said Passmore in laying out the day's agenda.

In the Security and Risk Management Strategies track, Research Director Dan Blum noted that risk and consequence are continually rising as we load automation and consequence onto IT in the information economy. But the other side of risk is reward. Blum urged enterprises to move beyond tactical responses and get more strategic about IT security. "Enterprises must bake compliance into security programs, raise the bar on application security, and develop adaptive architectures that address many challenges in the security landscape," said Blum. "Above all, enterprises must adopt a systematic, comprehensive approach to security that seeks not to sell fear, but to weave careful due diligence and business risk management into business governance."

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