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October 15, 2007 08:00 ET

CatalystTracker Publishes Third Quarter Occurred Catalyst Rankings

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Sagient Research Systems, a leading publisher of independent research for the financial services and institutional investment communities, today announced that Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. was the company with the largest stock price percentage change as a result of a binary catalyst event in the third quarter of 2007. Siemens AG was the company with the largest market capitalization change as a result of a binary catalyst event in the third quarter of 2007.

CatalystTracker, the newest addition to Sagient Research's product offerings, is the most efficient method to track upcoming volatility events for public companies. Catalysts are constantly updated by Sagient's in-house analyst team and presented to clients online in an easy to use, searchable, and customizable format. The initial coverage area is the healthcare sector, which includes biotech, major pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and specialty/generic pharmaceuticals.

Commenting on the Occurred Catalyst Rankings, Robert F. Kyle, executive vice president of Sagient Research said, "We are releasing quarterly Occurred Catalyst Rankings to highlight the way financial markets view and react to events in the healthcare sector. As evidenced in our Catalyst Impact Study, having a comprehensive, up-to-date, easily searchable central repository of this future event data creates an enormous opportunity and advantage for traders and investors. It is our goal to increase transparency for binary events in these sectors and provide a historical basis for the way these catalysts affect stock trading. There were 19 FDA approval decisions in the third quarter that caused an average absolute percentage change of 12.41%. CatalystTracker fully described both the timing and potential magnitude of all of these approval decisions before they happened. Using CatalystTracker to analyze potential stock moves that could be created by FDA decisions as well as other important future events is a powerful and necessary way to look at the healthcare sector."

For the remainder of 2007, CatalystTracker expects 1,314 catalysts to occur, excluding earnings announcements and investor conference presentations. Of those, 385 are expected to have a large impact on the company involved. The majority of large impact catalysts will come from Top-Line Trial Data, with 140 expected releases.

CatalystTracker's dynamically updating Occurred Catalyst Rankings can be accessed online with a paid subscription via

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The Third Quarter 2007 Top Catalysts

By 1-Day Stock Price Change:

Company                         Occurred Catalyst Description    Change (%)
-------                         -----------------------------    ----------
Northwest Bioscience, Inc.      Swiss Approval Decision for DCVax   140.24%
Sonus Pharmaceuticals           Phase III Trial                     -84.19%
                                 -Top Line Data Tocosol Paclitaxel
Pharmion Corp.                  Vidaza Survival Data                 74.55%
                                 - Top Line Results
Regen Biologics, Inc.           Met with FDA and Partnered          -73.35%
Palatin Technologies, Inc.      U.S. Approval Decision for Collagen -61.33%
                                 Scaffold for Knee Implants
                                  - Meniscal Repair Systems
DepoMed, Inc.                   Gabapentin DR Top-Line Results      -59.51%
                                 and NDA filing
Manhattan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Phase IIa Top Line Data for         -50.65%
                                 Oleoyl Estrone
Pozen, Inc.                     PDUFA for Trexima                   -47.39%
Neurochem, Inc.                 FDA Meeting on Alzhemed             -43.17%
Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc.  Phase III Trial Initiating          -39.79%
                                 for prGCD

The Third Quarter 2007 Top Catalysts

By 1-Day Market Capitalization Change:

Company                  Occurred Catalyst Description          Change ($B)
-------                  -----------------------------          -----------
Siemens AG               Q2 Earnings Release                        -$13.60
Wyeth                    Pristiq for Menopause PDUFA                 -$8.59
Pfizer, Inc.             Q2 Earnings Release                         -$6.74
GlaxoSmithKine PLC       Avandia FDA Advisory Panel                   $6.19
Pfizer, Inc.             Selzentry PDUFA for HIV/AIDS                 $5.94
Merck & Co.,Inc.         Q2 Earnings Release                          $5.94
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Q2 Earnings Release                          $5.78
Pfizer, Inc.             Selzentry for HIV/AIDS Top Line Data for    -$5.24
                          Newly Diagnosed Patients
Amgen, Inc.              Aranesp and Epogen for Anemia Due to         $4.99
                          Chronic Renal Failure FDA Advisory Panel
AstraZeneca PLC          Q2 Earnings Release                         -$4.93

The Third Quarter 2007 Top Catalyst Types

By Average Absolute Percentage Change:

Rank    Catalyst Type
----    -------------
1       Regulatory  - Meeting with FDA
2       Regulatory  - MAA Submission (Europe)
3       Regulatory  - Other
4       Regulatory  - PDUFA/Approval Decision (US)
5       Regulatory  - NDA/BLA Filing
6       Trial Data  - Final Results
7       Partnership - New
8       Trial Data  - Top-Line Results
9       Regulatory  - FDA Advisory Panel Meeting
10      Trial Data  - Updated Results

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