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Catelli Calls on Canadians to Celebrate World Pasta Day the "Smart" Way

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October 25th is World Pasta Day, a day to celebrate the global love of pasta. From macaroni and spaghetti to lasagne and penne, pasta remains one of the most loved foods in Canada and recent nutritional innovations like Catelli(R) Smart(TM) pasta with inulin make it one of the cheapest ways to get your family to eat healthy...without them even realizing it. This year's celebration theme is Pasta Meals on Every Family Table and Catelli, Canada's number one pasta manufacturer, is calling on Canadians to celebrate World Pasta Day with a Smart(TM) Pasta Family and Friends Party to help feed Canadian children in need.

Since 1995, World Pasta Day has been an international celebration of pasta as a global food, one that is consumed all over the world in varying cuisines on all five continents. While every country celebrates the day individually with its own events, World Pasta Day highlights the universal love of pasta due to its great taste, one that is embraced by both children and gastronomy aficionados, and its ability to meet every dynamic and healthy lifestyle.

"Pasta is one of Canada's favourite comfort foods and has a tradition of being honest, delicious, and satisfying," says Chef Massimo Capra, owner of Toronto's renowned Italian restaurants Mistura and Sopra, and one of the best Italian chefs in Canada. "Pasta is a universally loved food. There is nothing better than gathering friends and family around the dinner table and celebrating life and each other with a plate of pasta."

A history of pasta: from Europe...

Pasta is thought to have originated more than 3,000 years ago by the ancient Etruscans. It was a baked blend of wheat and egg paste, not boiled. Ancient Greeks and Romans are thought to have further developed dishes. Pasta became more popular throughout the world as Italian explorers sailed to new worlds. But it was Italian immigration that really sparked widespread consumption. Canada

In 1867, the year that Canada was born, an immigrant from Vedano, Italy - Carlo Onorato Catelli - established the country's first pasta plant on Saint-Paul Street in Old Montreal. Catelli started making macaroni and vermicelli by hand and became the first manufacturer to introduce machines in 1920, which allowed them to expand the product line to include spaghetti, and unique, breakthrough pasta shapes like rigatoni and penne. Today, Catelli is Canada's largest manufacturer of pasta and its 280 employees produce more than 150 million boxes of pasta at their plant in Montreal each year.

And scientific breakthroughs: a food innovation loved by families

While today's pasta looks remarkably the same, it is the scientific breakthroughs on the health and wellness front that have ensured that Canada's most loved food remains one of the most nutritious and economical ways to feed families.

"Catelli has taken one of Canada's favourite dishes - pasta-and reinvented it by adding healthy ingredients like inulin, a naturally occurring carbohydrate extracted from chicory root. This has allowed them to create a white pasta, Catelli Smart, with three times the fibre of a regular white pasta, making it a favourite of moms and kids alike," said Rob Kowal, president of Kriscor & Associates, a Canadian company that helps manufacturers find ways of incorporating the latest nutritional benefits into food products. As Chair of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Institute of Food and Science Technology, Mr. Kowal confirms that food producers are always looking for ways to meet the challenge of incorporating ground-breaking natural and functional ingredients into the foods people eat every day. "Catelli continues to be a food industry innovator and Smart pasta is an example of how far pasta has come. The nutritional and health benefits are built right into Smart pasta, making it a food innovation that Canadians are literally eating right up."

Catelli...It's Your Pasta

With a long and distinguished history in Canada, Catelli offers insight and knowledge into pasta making that makes them the undisputed industry experts. "We have a proud heritage of being innovative and truly understanding the needs of Canadian consumers," said Karen Scicluna, Director of Marketing for Ronzoni. "From generation to generation, the tie to Catelli products has been so strong that despite many passing food trends, Catelli pasta remains a part of the family tradition. Catelli really is more than a staple that Canadians have stocked pantries with; it is a brand that families have grown up with, embraced and made a part of their lives. Canadians believe it's 'their' pasta, a connection we officially recognized this year when we incorporated the slogan "It's Your Pasta" right into our branding."

Catelli calls on Canadians to celebrate World Pasta Day

Now Catelli is leading the celebration of World Pasta Day in Canada and wants all Canadians to embrace the theme of this year's event by helping to put food on the plates of Canadian children that might not have it otherwise.

"We know that Catelli pasta is a favourite for family get-togethers and now we want Canadians to celebrate this special day by hosting a Smart Pasta Family and Friends Party," said Ms. Scicluna. "Invite your family and friends over, take a photo of your celebration and enter our contest online at and you could win a year's supply of Catelli Smart pasta and everything you need to create a special Italian feast for your family. At Catelli, we really do believe it's your pasta and we want to know how and who you share it with. This will help us continue to innovate and build on the great taste that our consumers love. And by celebrating, you'll be helping us give back to feed Canadian children in need. Buy any Catelli product on October 24 or 25th and we'll donate $0.10 to Canadian Feed the Children. If you enter the contest, we'll make another donation."

Canadians will then have an opportunity to vote for their favourite submissions online and every vote cast will result in another donation being made and weekly prize winners of Catelli Smart Pasta Family Dinner Baskets will be awarded.

Resources for teachers

In addition to providing tips for creating the perfect family pasta party with nutritious yet tasty pasta recipes, the web site provides teachers with an opportunity to register their class for a chance to win a class cooking lesson and a donation of pasta to their local food bank in the class' name and download resources including a video on how pasta is made. For more information, go to

About Canadian Feed The Children

Canadian Feed The Children is a registered international development charity that works in Canada and around the world to reduce the impact of poverty on children. They work with local partners here in Canada and internationally to help improve the health and well-being of children, their families and communities - in the areas of nutrition, water and sanitation, health care, income generation and education. They provide a wide range of support to communities in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Uganda. In Canada, they offer nutrition support to children affected by poverty, with an increasing focus on supporting Aboriginal communities.

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