March 27, 2014 08:09 ET

The Caveat Emptor Warning That Has Been Attached to eFUEL EFN Corporation Is Inappropriate and Should Be Removed by The OTC Markets, Says eFUEL EFN

WILDWOOD, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 27, 2014) - eFUEL EFN CORPORATION (OTC Pink: EFLN) (PINKSHEETS: EFLN) -- At the present time, we're working with our SEC attorney to have the Caveat Emptor removed from the eFUEL EFN CORPORATION ticker symbol and file all the necessary documentation that will be listed with OTC Markets. This will emphasize our will to work with conforming company assets and financial filings. Also, proves to shareholders, and future investors a sense of awareness that the company's ability for good positive performance with regulatory business involvement in the USA.

At the present time our expending ability, and the financial strengths of eFUEL EFN CORPORATION are in the State of Florida Corporation filings, IRS, Quarterly and Annual Reports filed with the OTC Markets. The OTC Markets in accordance with these filings should lift Caveat Emptor from our company. The company must have the ability to freely trade stocks on the market with the free economic principles of supply and demand. However, the current regulation policy that undermines the basic economic principles of supply and demand are destructive too our economy, freedom and society.

A) eFUEL EFN CORPORATION has purchased Hotel Marion in Indiana. The purchasing information will be disclosed in the Annual Report filing for 2014.

B) The company is diligently working with business associates to pursue the plan to acquire more profitable assets adding to the company portfolio by negotiating purchasing a 2nd Hotel in Florida, and gas station (Company is in current negotiation) for a suitable area to expand business operations. The financial revenue on the 2nd Hotel with 225 rooms and business should be $1,660,000.00; expenses of $1,010,646.60 and net income of $659,344.00. The seller's terms are $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) in cash and same negotiable amount of common shares. We do not currently know whether the transaction will come through to buy this ($8,000,000.00 property and business) or not. The purchase will depend on funding, and finances. On March 31, 2014 the company will have three years of IRS TAX filings and eFUEL should have an opportunity to apply for a 2nd Small Business loan to purchase the 2nd hotel in USA.

C) The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION management has spoken with SAGI CREATION COMPANY and is negotiating to obtaining the distribution rights on more than a dozen children's products, and Christmas ornaments, décor, and the book "The Letter" published by A.S. Mundt. These products are presently sold throughout the Cherokee Trading Post Store and generate profit for the company.

D) The company would like to look at potential to develop manufacturing products. To purchase one existing factory or to design and build one. The company's management would like to explore the opportunities of five proposed divisions in eFUEL EFN CORPORATION and start technical development there.

E) The company officials are in negotiations to review activities to acquire a credit line with Euro-American Finance Network. Inc., US Investment Inc., Region Bank, and Gulf International Bank, London, UK.

Recently FINRA sent us a questioning letter asking for information on our assets and planed projects, the company provided answers regarding our assets and future projects, proposed development plan and explaining how we will provide financing for four projects. Also, EPA has started testing ground for proposed projects.

At present, company personal are very optimistic, we have shareholders, private investors and five part-time employees, with an annual balance sheet, income statement for 2011, 2012, and 2013 and we will have a 1st quarter income statement for 2014 showing business improvment and development in the direction of growth. We expect substantial financial improvement in the future business activity of the eFUEL EFN CORPORATION. Potential investor should see OTC Markets filings, State of Florida Corporation filings, and IRS TAX filings. The company has press releases on two web sites and

It is in human nature to speak about how to make money and how to lose money. In reference to this, company shareholders and all other investors will make money if they are long term stock holders. To do it correctly and efficiently investors need to have correct information about our company. The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION has produced hard copies of information (prospects) for stockholders and future investors. Also, shareholders and investors should analyze the company and draw their own conclusion. There is always a risk in investing on the stock market. In this risky market investors should invest as much funds as they can afford to lose.

Presently eFUEL EFN CORPORATION is providing the following documentation that interested parties can purchase from the company.

1) ANNUAL REPORT OF eFUEL EFN CORPORATION stock symbol "EFLN." Shipping and handling cost $35.00.

2) BUSINESS PLAN OF eFUEL EFN CORPORATION stock symbol "EFLN." Shipping handling cost $35.00.

3) PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, PURCHASE AND SALES GOODS OF eFUEL EFN CORPORATION stock symbol "EFLN." Shipping and handling cost $35.00.

This is information investors will need to have in order to make good decisions. The market moves in strange directions, and this fluctuation should not be a factor in decision making or investing in profitable penny company.

The above three documents should be available to obtain by sending a written request and certified check to the company address:


However, beside this company information we are offering three products with reproduction rights owned by eFUEL EFN CORPORATION.

1) Native American Tribes Map for $6.99.

2) Treasure Hunting Map of Florida for $6.99.

3) Indian Kachina Picture Design by Fretz for $6.99.

On all these products customers should include a 7% State of Florida sales tax and $2.95 for shipping and handling cost.

In addition, the company is working on acquisition of four more products with patent rights to reproduce, market and distribute throughout our store. Received funds for EFLN documentation will be used to expand the company's marketing and to pay expenses for future filings. Periodically the company will issue press releases and inform our shareholders with corporate updates and long term growth goals.

This press release information contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of Securities Act 1933, as amended, and Section 21Eof the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created in connection with that. Investors are cautioned that all forwarding statements involve risks and uncertainties including eFUEL EFN CORPORATION.

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