SOURCE: Cavit Sciences, Inc.

March 26, 2008 08:00 ET

Cavit Sciences, Inc. Prepares to Launch Supplement Lines

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 26, 2008) - Cavit Sciences, Inc. ("Cavit") (OTCBB: CVIT) announced today that it is in the final stages of launching two supplement lines. During the past three months the formulations have been finalized for our supplement line products. The branding and positioning research has been completed for our lines and products. The supplement lines, product names and related logos are being trademarked to protect our rights. Product samples are being manufactured for distribution to distributors. Complete details of the supplement lines, products and labels will be available on this website as soon as the samples are finalized.

The first line will be manufactured in Central America in a GMP facility. The products in this line will be marketed and sold initially in Central America, South America and Mexico. Distribution in China and Europe will follow shortly thereafter.

The second line is comprised of premium products that enhance certain conditions. The premium line will be manufactured in the US and marketed to baby boomers that understand the importance of quality supplements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Superior results have been attained with a regimen of our products consisting of the proven ingredients at the optimum dosage working to enhance the body.

Cavit has positioned itself to accommodate the demands of the global supplement market. Certain ingredients that were researched and tested for use in our cancer, viral infection and opportunistic infection treatment and immune system enhancement division are being utilized in our supplement products. The drug and supplement divisions of Cavit have complemented each other to our advantage. Being a biotech company involved in researching new and proven compounds, Cavit has been able to formulate quality premium supplements that are in demand.

In addition to creating a profitable revenue stream, Cavit's supplement lines will expedite our advancement of products with the FDA and allow the introduction and launch of additional quality health products that are in demand worldwide.

Cavit Sciences, Inc. ("Cavit") is a biotechnology company that has developed two supplement lines with products that enhance, improve, maintain and support the body by beneficially affecting various conditions and is engaged in developing treatments and prevention for cancer, viral infections, opportunistic infections, related diseases and the immune system. Product information and updates will soon be available on Cavit's website. Additional information regarding our supplement lines, treatment, development and Company information is available on the Company's website at:

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