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May 22, 2012 06:30 ET

CBORD® Recommends the Socket SoMo® Handheld Computer for Point-of-Care Food and Nutrition Solutions and Inventory Management

Socket Mobile, Together With CBORD Solutions, Enables Hospital Staff to Improve Diet Compliance, Reduce Costs, Simplify the Inventory Management Process, and Increase Patient Satisfaction

NEWARK, CA--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, today announced that CBORD® -- a leading provider of food and nutrition management, cashless card, and access control solutions to healthcare facilities -- recommends the Socket SoMo® handheld computer for use with their Bedside Menu Entry, Tray Monitor® Mobile™, and NetHIMS™ integrated solutions for hospitals, long-term care centers, and other inpatient facilities.

By using the Socket SoMo handheld computer to enter patients' menu selections at the point of care, hospital nutrition staff can spend more time interacting with patients rather than processing paperwork. CBORD's Bedside Menu Entry application only displays those menu choices suited to each patient's dietary requirements, including any food allergies, thereby increasing consistency in diet compliance and patient safety. Staff can also take menu selections closer to mealtimes, resulting in fewer changed orders, reduced food waste, and increased patient satisfaction.

CBORD also certifies the Socket SoMo with their Tray Monitor Mobile application to enable hospitals to monitor the progression of a room service order from the time a ticket is printed in the kitchen to the time the food tray is delivered to the patient or guest. By using the Socket SoMo, staff can now update a tray's delivery status in real-time and receive alerts if a tray falls behind schedule, and managers can monitor workflow and adjust staffing as needed to improve service.

The Socket SoMo handheld device also supports CBORD's Net Handheld Inventory Management System (NetHIMS) using Windows® Mobile operating system. This powerful inventory management software enables staff to track products at the loading dock, in the kitchen, in the freezer, or out in the retail case -- wherever the inventory is located. And, the wireless connection improves data integrity with up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and eliminates the need to download data.

"CBORD recommends the SoMo because it's lightweight, durable, and at an affordable price point. It also integrates easily into existing HP iPAQ deployments, making it the ideal replacement for the discontinued HP iPAQ Pocket PC," said Margaret Dittloff, product manager at CBORD. "After successfully testing the new SoMo 655Rx, we look forward to the improved Windows Embedded Handheld user interface and the addition of 802.11n, which will provide enhanced Wi-Fi roaming and connectivity for our customers."

"Our relationship with CBORD is a great example of our commitment to meeting the needs of the healthcare community -- not just doctors and nurses, but also dietitians and nutrition professionals who can benefit from mobile technology," said Vince Coli, senior handheld computer product manager at Socket Mobile. "CBORD's recommendation of the SoMo demonstrates both the versatility of our device, and its right mix of features for clinical patient care application."

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