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February 27, 2008 16:42 ET

CBp Carbon Industries Inc.: Press Release

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Feb. 27, 2008) - CBp Carbon Industries Inc. ("CBp" or "the Company") (OTCBB:CBPJ) is pleased to update its financial status for the benefit of shareholders.

Pursuant to its recent director's meeting, the board has authorized management to file for recognition as a reporting issuer in the United States as soon as its latest audits are ready and to make application for listing on a more senior exchange. This is expected to create a stronger and more active presence in the financial markets for CBp and it is hoped will fulfill management's desire to create a more liquid market for its stock holders. Management believes that the Company qualifies for recognition partly based upon the following:

1. CBp now owns 100% of all patents and trade-marks for the CBp process of tire pryrolysis and the process of re-formulating the carbon output on an industrial scale into 'CBp Carbon Green', a substitute for traditional carbon black. CBp Carbon Green has been verified as a carbon black substitute by production testing to build tires and rubber parts by many of the largest tire and rubber parts manufacturers in the world (i);

2. CBp's first commercial plant in Hungary is now being upgraded to expand capacity and is expected to be brought to enhanced commercial operation by mid-March, 2008;

3. CBp's second plant in Cyprus is now fully permitted (having the only tire re-cycling permit issued in Cyprus). The land and buildings are completed and production equipment will commence being installed in April, 2008 with commercial production commencing approximately in August, 2008;

4. CBp plant data and reports from independent engineering and financial analysis are disclosing that it would require oil to fall to $25 per barrel, or less, for CBp plants in its planned standard design scale of 37,000 tonnes per annum to approach marginality (this would assume also a lack of grants and tipping fee income). Accordingly CBp believes that its financial model is very robust (i);

5. CBp has approximately $47 million in cash in treasury, no external debt and its President has arranged for bank lines of credit of up to $50 million, or more, on demand. With available grants and other finance resources expected, CBp has sufficient financial capacity now to build at least the next three planned plants (for a total of five) without further finance requirement.

(i) CBp Carbon Green is a commodity that increases in value with rising oil prices and the growing shortage of virgin carbon black. Carbon black is presently priced on world markets at approximately $1600 per tonne (depending on the grade), having risen over the last few years from prices of about $300 per tonne. CBp is presently pricing its CBp Carbon Green at $1200 per tonne. The CBp Carbon Green technology recycles 100% of used tires and scrap rubber. Approximately one-third of resource recovery results in CBp Carbon Green and the remaining two-thirds are high value oil, gas and steel. The recycling of the CBp Carbon Green also prevents in excess of one tonne of greenhouse gases from being generated for each tonne of CBp Carbon Green substituting for the normal industry carbon black.

Mr. Novak, President of CBp, stated, "We are pleased that the Company has achieved this milestone level of development and financial stability. We believe that we have created substantial value for our stock holders and we believe we are on the cusp of becoming a substantial contributor of critical product to the rubber industry while becoming a major force in solving the serious environmental problem of used tires and scrap rubber disposal."

About CBp Carbon Industries Inc.

CBp Carbon Industries Inc. is a global company that develops and commercializes its advanced technologies which we believe enrich the environment and the countries and communities in which we operate and create value for our shareholders. The Company's primary focus is tire recycling with its patented technology which permits 100% recycling of tires and scrap rubber into commercially viable marketable components of steel, oil and CBp Carbon Green which is a tested substitute for replacement of carbon black in tire and rubber manufacturing.

Since 2006, European Union directives have banned scrap tires, shredded tires and tire residues from being landfilled and stockpiled. An EU scientific team, working with the European Union Cooperative Research Recycle Tire (CRAFT) project, selected CBp Carbon Industries technology as the "best available technology" for meeting CRAFT's recycling objectives.

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