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The Siroky Group Inc.

May 06, 2013 12:00 ET

CBS Outdoor US Achieves Powerful Real-Time Market Insight With TSG's Workforce Automation

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) - CBS Outdoor US has selected The Siroky Group's (TSG) Workforce Automation solution to simplify and shorten the installation process, and to provide advertisers real time posting data for their CBS Outdoor campaigns.

Following a successful implementation of TSG's Workforce Automation in their operations in Canada in 2012, CBS Outdoor has extended the implementation of Workforce Automation across six (6) markets: Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Phoenix, Grand Rapids and Louisville in the first four (4) months of this year. The product will be used across all CBS Outdoor media and extended to over 200,000 billboard and transit advertising locations in 60 U.S. markets by the end of the 2013. With each market launch CBS Outdoor further enables real-time insight into campaign delivery for all of its clients.

"TSG's Workforce Automation is a web-based and mobile device solution that helps us simplify and streamline Out-of-Home delivery operations procedures and improve our overall quality control," explains Tim Bouchard, Operations Director, CBS Outdoor Canada. "Our positive experience was instrumental in our US operations selecting TSG for the implementation of Workforce Automation."

TSG's Workforce Automation module allows CBS Outdoor to track its operations progress online, anywhere, at any time. Work schedules are sent directly to an installer's hand-held device, photos of completed installs (using a hand-held device) are taken and all the data and photos are automatically sent to the web server and management system. Posts and photos can be viewed on-line within seconds of completion.

"The implementation of TSG's Workforce Automation provides us with actionable, real-time market insight, simplifies operational procedures and delivers greater visibility into all aspects of executing our client's campaign," explains Christian Eidt, V.P. of Information Systems & Technology, CBS Outdoor. "Based on the success in our Canadian markets and rapid acceptance in the States we fully expect it will lift our campaign delivery process across the U.S. to a new level of excellence."

The implementation of this system is an extension of CBS Outdoor's focus on client service and seamless delivery of pre and post campaign information. The workforce data combined with advertiser specific data on the site allows for "inception to completion" on-line client communication, the first of its kind in the OOH industry.

"Eyewitness™ Workforce Automation informs and improves efficiencies and provides real-time insight into campaign delivery for CBS Outdoor," says Nadine Harvey, Director Business Solutions, TSG. "Critically, this operational visibility helps deliver actionable information on everything from individual contracts to overall performance for a market or region." For more information, visit

Eyewitness™ is a trademark product of the Siroky Group Inc.

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