January 28, 2010 11:22 ET

CCH Launches CCH KnowledgeConnect, the Only Knowledge Management System Designed Exclusively for Accounting Firms

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 28, 2010) - Today CCH, Canada's leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services announced the launch of CCH KnowledgeConnect, a searchable knowledge management system that lets accounting firms house all their intellectual assets in one, centralized, easy to access location.

"These days, it's especially important to capture and preserve knowledge," says Erik Beauchamp, CCH Product Manager. "With the baby boomers beginning to retire, you need to take steps to ensure that undocumented knowledge is not walking out the door."

CCH KnowledgeConnect helps accountants locate documented knowledge within their firm. It also helps identify undocumented expertise that should be recorded. Additionally, CCH KnowledgeConnect supports blogs, wikis, FAQs and other types of Web 2.0 tools, promoting collaboration and keeping knowledge content up to date.

"A firm's knowledge base is a dynamic thing, rapidly expanding each day," comments Mr. Beauchamp. "It's why so many of our clients are very excited about the ability of CCH KnowledgeConnect to add to a firm's repository of knowledge as it continues to grow."

CCH KnowledgeConnect saves time right across the firm. Leaders and experts avoid repeated interruptions for the same questions, thanks to powerful search capabilities that make it easy for everyone to find the right answers quickly. What's more, it's an ideal tool for promoting best practices within the organization and applying consistent approaches to recurring issues. "That's important, considering that it can take more than two years to circulate a best practice throughout an organization," notes Mr. Beauchamp.

The system identifies top users, or "champions," based on the number of documents published and questions answered. Users can rate the accuracy, quality and usefulness of content so that the best answers to questions are promoted for firm-wide use.

Firms can even customize rules such as routing an answer or a best practice for approval before it can be published, escalating urgent questions if they have not been answered in a pre-defined amount of time, flagging of low rated items for further review and controlling who can join a community based upon their role in the firm.

CCH KnowledgeConnect is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. That means users can ask and respond without logging in. Plus, it is integrated with CCH Document and will soon be integrated with CCH research material as well.

"Imagine receiving an excellent answer to a question, only to have it forgotten the next time someone requires the same information," comments Mr. Beauchamp "Now imagine this never happening again, as you've preserved this knowledge in a searchable, re-useable form that's accessible to everyone in CCH KnowledgeConnect."

For more information on CCH KnowledgeConnect, watch this short video, visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-268-4522.

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