July 07, 2011 13:30 ET

CDEX Announces Shipment of Ten ID2 Meth Scanners

Sale Represents Most Significant Purchase to Date by a Government Agency

TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - Jul 7, 2011) - CDEX Inc. (OTCBB: CEXI), a leading developer of chemical detection products, using patented technologies for use in healthcare, safety and security markets, announced today the sale and shipment of 10 units of the ID2 Meth Scanners to the Northeastern Colorado Association of Governments and Healing Tree Addiction Treatment Solutions, Inc. The order represents the largest direct sale and shipment of ID2 Meth Scanners by CDEX to date.

The funding for the purchase of the ID2 Meth Scanner equipment came via a grant to Healing Tree Addiction Treatment Solutions, Inc. from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The ID2 equipment will be awarded via application to the seven county sheriff departments and the 13th Judicial District as facilitated by NECALG. The ID2 Meth Scanners will be used to deter drug abuse, while providing protection for investigators and individuals that may be exposed to toxic substances in environments associated with drug abusers.

The Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Government (NECALG) is a non-profit organization comprised of a Board of Directors from county and municipal elected officials, who fiscally manage a number of agencies that serve the elderly and low income families in NE Colorado. NECALG is the contracted fiscal agent for several groups such as Homeland Security and is responsible for purchases by local governments and Healing Tree Addiction Treatment Solutions foundation.

Healing Tree Addiction Treatment Solutions, Inc. (HTATS) is non-profit organization operated by a Board of Directors from a seven county region encompassing the 13th Judicial District of Colorado, with the intended goal of providing assistance to non-profit providers of drug and alcohol treatment and counseling.

"The order by the NECALG and HTATS represents another milestone in CDEX's development and growth plan. The 10 unit sale represents the largest purchase to date by a government agency. We believe this is only the beginning as we continue to receive daily inquires from distributors and government organizations in the US and internationally," stated Jeff Brumfield, chairman and chief executive officer of CDEX Inc. "The association with NECALG and Healing Tree Addiction Treatment Solutions provides a unique opportunity to showcase our ID2 product line with a large scale deployment by state law enforcement group. We expect to generate additional interest and opportunities with the success and support of the program as we work together to help fight the war on drugs in Colorado."

The ID2 Meth Scanner is a highly sensitive testing device, calibrated for precision measuring and convenient operation in detecting trace amounts of methamphetamines. The ID2 Meth Scanner provides a safe and effective method of uncovering trace amounts of illicit drugs. The device is intended for use by correctional and law enforcement groups as well as commercial and home property inspection agencies. The scanner meets or exceeds state and national testing requirements in the range of 0.1ug/100cm2 to 2.0ug/100cm2, including the state of California health-based risk standards of 1.5ug/100cm2 detected.

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CDEX develops, manufactures and globally distributes products to the healthcare, safety and security markets. The ValiMed™ product line provides life-saving validation of high-risk medications and pharmacy returned narcotics. The ID2™ product line detects trace amounts of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine. CDEX expects to advance its patented technologies to serve additional markets in the future where its proprietary products can be launched. To learn more about CDEX please visit:

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