September 24, 2007 08:00 ET

CDEX Inc. Announces Expansion of Its Medication Signature Library Used by Its ValiMed™ Product Line

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TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - CDEX, Inc. (OTCBB: CEXI) announces the addition of 19 new signatures to its ValiMed™ Medication Signature Library, bringing the Library's total to 107 signatures. (A signature is an electronic fingerprint of a medication at a given concentration in a prescribed diluent.) Signature development for the ValiMed System is ahead of schedule to meet the goal of 150 signatures by the end of 2007. The ValiMed System, developed by CDEX, provides hospital clinicians with a quick, cost effective and simple tool to assure medication safety by verifying that medications are compounded correctly and to minimize the risk of narcotic diversion by validating the narcotic medications returned to the pharmacy for disposal.

Using Enhanced Photoemission Spectroscopy, ValiMed quickly validates high-risk medication admixtures, as well as returned narcotics, to provide an increased level of patient safety. ValiMed compares a medication's spectroscopic signature to the expected signature from the Medication Signature Library and returns an easy to understand "validated" or "not validated" result, requiring no user interpretation.

"When the CDEX Team develops a ValiMed signature, we test over 400 separate samples of the medication mixture," said Carlos Alvarez, CDEX's Manager of Production and Technical Support. "Then each potential signature is scrubbed though a number of practical and medical gates and sent through a concentration/dilution study before being placed in the CDEX Library for use by our clients. We know that the accuracy of each signature is important to our clients and the patients that they serve -- and it is critical that we get it right."

"We are working with our growing client base to prioritize the development of signatures based on their needs," said Stuart Poteet, Manager of Marketing and Client Support. "It is important for us to meet the goal of 150 signatures by the end of the year and we fully expect to do so."

For a complete list of the ValiMed Medication Signature Library see or

About CDEX, Inc.

CDEX, Inc. is a technology development company with a current focus on developing and marketing products using chemical detection and validation technologies. At present, CDEX is applying its resources in two distinct areas: (I) identification of substances of concern (e.g., explosives and illegal drugs for homeland security); and (II) validation of substances for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and quality assurance (e.g., validation of prescription medication and detection of counterfeit or sub-par products for brand protection). ValiMed™ is a CDEX solution for the healthcare market. Corporate headquarters and research and development facilities for CDEX are located in Tucson, Arizona. For more information, visit and or contact Malcolm Philips ( or Stuart Poteet ( at 520.745.5172 X 210 or 202.

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