March 07, 2007 09:00 ET

Ceapro tackles diabetes head on

EDMONTON, March 7 - Ceapro Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CZO) has developed an
innovative technology to deal directly with diabetes. As a spin-off from the
University of Toronto in 1995, the Company has taken more than 12 years to
develop a scientifically-sound diagnostic test that identifies people at risk,
long before they develop type-2 diabetes and suffer from its complications.

CeaProve® enables people with impaired glucose tolerance or
pre-diabetes, one of the first stages of diabetes development, to detect their
condition. This condition can precede diabetes by as much as five to ten
years. The good news is research has shown that pre-diabetes can be reversed
with simple lifestyle changes such as walking 30 minutes a day, losing 10 lbs,
and decreasing dietary fat intake, especially saturated fat. The issue is that
many people are not aware that they are affected until they already have
diabetes with advanced complications.

Now with a simple test that consists of eating 6 oat-wafers and
undergoing a finger prick, people can know years ahead of time if they are
heading down the path to diabetes. The test - when repeated at six month
intervals - can also show if lifestyle changes are being effective or if more
treatment is needed.

Ceapro has tested CeaProve® in the workplace of several prominent
businesses in Edmonton that are interested in helping their employees monitor
and preserve their health.

"In screening 'normal' populations, as many as 40% were found to be at
risk for pre-diabetes and 10% were at risk for diabetes. These statistics
parallel the recent findings of the Ontario population study published in The
Lancet (1) and reported in the Globe & Mail. By not identifying pre-diabetes,
a large number of people at risk were missed in that study, indicating the
problem is much, much larger than initially thought" stated Dr. Sarah Lord,
Manager of Diabetes Technology for Ceapro Inc.

Over 90% of tested volunteers were unaware of their risk for diabetes;
they took the results of the test as a wake-up call to start taking better
care of themselves. Of the population studied, 60% were overweight, 56% were
over the age of 40, 44 % had a family history of diabetes and over 57% had
more than two risk factors for the disease.

The workplace is a good place to screen people for early indicators of
diabetes and heart disease. Point of care technology like CeaProve® is ideal
for workplace programs as education and follow-up testing can subsequently be
conducted within the work environment.

Ceapro is talking to regional health authorities and governments about
early testing with CeaProve®. This product could help these institutions
better manage diabetes in their regions by identifying people at risk and
prescribing treatment for them early, before complications arise. This could
represent huge health care cost savings to all involved.

Ceapro expects to have Ceaprove® available in commercial quantities
within the next 45 days. The product will likely be released through regional
health initiatives and may also be available through pharmacies and medical

(1) The Lancet Volume 369, Issue 9563, 3 March 2007-9 March 2007, Pages 750-756 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science

About Ceapro Inc.

Ceapro Inc is a Canadian growth stage biotechnology company. Ceapro's
core technology is the extraction of functional, active ingredients from
plants and other renewable resources. We add further value to our extracts by
manufacturing medical and therapeutic products, and by supporting the use of
our extracts in products for human and animal health. We have also introduced
health and wellness services employing our CeaProve® diagnostic technology.
Our most recent initiative is the creation of Ceapro BioEnergy Inc. (CBE), a
wholly-owned subsidiary to utilize Ceapro's proprietary technology for the
production of ethanol and value-added products. Ceapro shares trade on the
Canadian TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol CZO. To learn more about
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  • Dr. Sarah Lord, Manager of Diabetes Technology,
    Ceapro Inc., Telephone (Edmonton): (780) 421-4555; Nicole Blanchard, Investor
    Relations, Managing Partner, Sun International Communications, Telephone
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