February 10, 2009 12:39 ET

CeBIT: Open Source Business Intelligence With New Palo Versions

Free Palo 3.0 Software Box From Jedox in Hall 4, Stand D53

FREIBURG, GERMANY--(Marketwire - February 10, 2009) - Jedox, a German software company that develops and markets commercial, open source-based planning, will present its new 3.0 versions of Palo products at CeBIT 2009. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the new features of Palo OLAP Server 3.0, Palo Worksheet Server 3.0 and Palo ETL Server at Jedox stand D53 in hall 4.

Palo is the leading Open Source BI solution for performance management and OLAP-based planning, analysis and reporting. The new version, 3.0, further expands the entire range of Palo products, allowing business users to easily and quickly design web-based Business Intelligence applications. With their new version, Jedox offers full SaaS-capabilities for all BI processes, not only with regard to report distribution, but also for the purpose of modelling, planning and ETL.

High Performance Computing

Performance optimization represents a major improvement for Palo OLAP Server 3.0. For the first time, Palo OLAP Server 3.0 supports a multi-core and multi-processor architecture. Additional processor cores make it possible to multiply the processing speed for analyses, reports and planning processes many times over.

High Performance Computing is a central objective for Jedox's research team, which is currently working together with scientists of the University of Freiburg to research the utilization of graphic cards (GPUs) in the OLAP field, a project that so far promises unknown speed for OLAP analyses. A prototype of the GPU Palo version will be introduced at CeBIT.

Business Intelligence: Get started with free Palo Software Box

CeBIT visitors will have the opportunity to test the new features at the Jedox stand and pick up their free Palo version 3.0. Jedox will hand out a software box containing the full version of Palo OLAP Server including the free Excel add-in to the first 555 visitors to the stand. The software package allows users to get started immediately and build a team-enabled BI solution.

The introduction of BI applications with the Palo box has proven to be a successful model. Jedox has several customers who used the Palo box of last year's CeBIT to build their first application and successfully integrate it into their business.

Future-proof investment

Zero investment risk and permanent investment security with continuous development (independent from the solution's provider) are distinct advantages of Open Source software. Kristian Raue, CEO of Jedox, explains: "The latest example, the announcement by Microsoft to discontinue the development of its PerformancePoint Server, shows that even large software vendors are not safe from unexpected surprises. Unlike proprietary software, the future development of the open source OLAP database is not necessarily dependent on Jedox. The users are therefore on the safe side; the product cannot be instantaneously discontinued."

Raue considers this a fundamental benefit of Open Source solutions: "Open Source stands for independence, fairness and reliance and therefore builds the basis for a new model of relationship between software providers and software users."

Jedox Partner co-exhibiting at the Jedox CeBIT stand

Palo's sustainability is reflected in Jedox's ever-growing partner network. The Jedox partners Confabs Management Consulting, Ebner Stolz Mönning Unternehmensberatung, Hitachi Consulting, on_next, Mindbusiness, Shares Knowledges Solutions, Alta Via Consulting and xax managing data & information will present their complementary solutions and services around Palo at the Jedox stand.

About Jedox

Jedox, founded by Kristian Raue in 2002, is one of the world's leading suppliers of open source-based Business Intelligence and corporate performance management solutions. Jedox' core product, Palo, accommodates the entire range of BI requirements including planning, reporting and analysis. Twenty percent of DAX 30 companies and many other organizations in Germany and abroad have implemented Jedox solutions, including well-known companies such as Quelle, Clariant Switzerland and Nycomed Germany. Internationalization and diversification in the field of Commercial Open Source Software are main objectives for continued growth. The company employs 60 people at its headquarters in Freiburg.

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