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March 31, 2016 10:39 ET

Cedar Bear Brings Potent Liquid Herbal Supplements to

Company's Wide Array of Products Treat a Number of Medical Conditions

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - March 31, 2016) - Cedar Bear Naturales, a manufacturer of liquid herbal and mineral supplements, has announced that it has partnered with to expand the availability of its products throughout the American market. The natural health brand uses a totally alcohol-free proprietary process to create unique products through the use of applied chemistry, mineral signatures, and the intrinsic beneficial qualities of herbs from around the world.

"Now that Cedar Bear's great tasting, concentrated and natural herbal products are available on Amazon to a larger audience, more people can have access to our large variety of herbal singles, and herbal formulas for health supporting, health balancing and building supplements," said Sheena Marie, marketing director for Cedar Bear Naturales.

The Cedar Bear Naturales line is based on the company's TincTract® process, a proprietary method that completely eliminates the use of alcohol when producing herbal supplements in any stage of the manufacture. As a result, none of the ingredients are subject to the denaturing effects alcohol can have on botanicals. Thus, the brand is able to preserve the intrinsic taste quality and biological viability of its herbs, and its products are the most concentrated extracts of a whole-herb nature available on the market today.

Currently the company's most popular and well-reviewed product on Amazon is their Heal All Leaf dropper supplement. The key ingredient is Prunella vulgaris, a broad-spectrum medicinal plant that's used widely across the world and commonly referred to as the "heal all" herb because its bioactive agents positively support so many systems of the body.

For respiratory support Cedar Bear has an effective solution with their Respir Ease product. The supplement helps maintain clear bronchial passages, strengthen respiratory tract tissues, and alleviate temporary respiratory discomfort with its key ingredients eyebright leaf/stem/flower, stinging nettle leaf, elder berry, feverfew leaf/flower, chamomile flower, lemon peel, hawthorn berry, goldenrod leaf/flower.

"At Cedar Bear we are focused on quality and supporting health benefits of liquid herbal supplements and we are confident we will be the leading company as people learn more about herbal formulas and what they should look for," Marie said.

Cedar Bear products are all made in a Kosher certified environment with most products being Kosher certified, vegan compliant, FDA Registered, and contain no preservatives or additives.

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