SOURCE: Tracy Effinger

March 26, 2007 16:21 ET

Celeb Fitness Trainer Tracy Effinger Debuts New "SQUEEZE" DVD Workout

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- Tracy Effinger, leading Hollywood fitness trainer and author known for her innovative exercise techniques, is launching her premiere workout DVD called "SQUEEZE." Effinger, who has helped sculpt the bodies of Renee Zellweger, Sela Ward and Amy Brenneman, has designed an effective and fun routine that creates lean, tight muscles without bulk, and increases cardiovascular endurance, posture and flexibility. Her workout also makes you feel taller, stronger, and more confident. "Over the years of developing, teaching and refining the SQUEEZE system, everyone who took my class wanted it on DVD. Every time I was interviewed in the media, I would receive lots of requests from people across the country asking when I was going to have a DVD too, so I am excited that 'SQUEEZE' is now accessible to everyone," said Effinger.

SQUEEZE is an "easy to get hooked on" synergy of athletic isometrics, power ballet moves, orthopedic back exercises, Pilates and yoga. Effinger, who has been referred to as a "modern day Jane Fonda," explains that her technique is the perfect combination of high intensity, spot specific, feel-the-burn resistance training combined with stretch-to-your limits flexibility. The DVD includes, "The Full Body SQUEEZE," which is a 60-minute workout with an arm set, a waist routine, "hard core" leg work, and butt and abdominal targeting techniques, finishing with energizing stretching moves. It also includes "Power SQUEEZE," a 30 minute super-concentrated, full-body routine; and "Custom SQUEEZE," a collection of individual exercises that lets you create a personal routine. The only equipment needed is a 10-inch rubber ball and one set of two-five pound hand weights. A mat is optional.

Devotees of SQUEEZE have achieved dancer-like bodies, long lean legs, firm buttocks and cut abs. Named "Hollywood's Hottest Fitness Guru" by Los Angeles Magazine, Effinger's system resonates with so many people because she is approachable and results-oriented and her program works for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes.

Effinger, who is also an accomplished artist, produced this new DVD herself to combine both her passion for both exercise and art. "Since I already had produced successful large-scale fundraising events and I have experience in the film industry, I decided to produce my own DVD. I wanted it to not only show you my workout, but also to express my artistic sense. You can see some of my paintings in the background of the set where we shot the DVD," explained Effinger, who has been a top personal trainer in LA for over 15 years. The co-author of the popular "Wedding Workout" book, has been featured countless times in the media since 2001, holds a degree from Princeton, and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

The SQUEEZE DVD is available at for a special Internet price of $29.95.

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