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July 12, 2005 13:22 ET

Celebrity Marsha Mason Shares the Fruits of Her "Spiritual Agriculture" With the World

Her Resting in the River Organic Farm® Devoted to Spiritual & Holistic Practices on the Farm and in Their Products

ABIQUIU, NM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 12, 2005 -- Marsha Mason, four-time Oscar-nominated actress, two-time Golden Globe winning actress and star of the Broadway play, "Steel Magnolias" brings "Spiritual Agriculture" to retail stores and spas nationally with her full line of Resting in the River® herbal medicinal Wellness Sprays™ and body and bath products, all of which are made from the certified organic herbs and flowers spiritually grown at her farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Ms. Mason's commitment to growing the most potent and vital herbs has taken her farm beyond their organic certification, beyond the biodynamic principles they employ to a level of farming she calls "Spiritual Agriculture" -- where prayer, intention and ritual play a vital role in everything they do and everything they grow. The results are a bounty of plants that are bursting with life force and energy.

Spiritual Agriculture emphasizes the integrity of Nature and the health of soil, water, air, and all living creatures. The farmers who practice Spiritual Agriculture are connected to the land by recognizing spirit in themselves as well as in nature. They embrace the spiritual qualities and sacredness of growing medicinal plants for all fellow human beings. This is celebrated through their seasonal rituals and gatherings, some of which include "The Blessing of the Seeds" each Spring, and Solstice and Equinox ceremonies.

According to Ms. Mason, "Everything we do is predicated on the idea that everything is interconnected. The earth, planets, wind, water, seeds, even rocks, and human beings and all the critters of the planet and therefore everything must be respected, prayed over and worked with the holy or holistic attitude of the Golden Rule. Treat everything the way you want to be treated because God, Divine Consciousness, Spirit, exists within everything and everyone."

Together with Resting in the River's master herbalists, they have turned their harvest into an entire line of products which include healing salves, herbal medicinal remedies, bath and body care products that rejuvenate, invigorate and heal.

Their Resting in the River Restoratives body care collection is an earthy blend of organic herbs from the farm that bring skin care to a whole new level. This radical restoration for dry, irritated skin includes body lotion, salve, body butter, body wash, sugar salt scrub and Healing Highdration Mist™. Best of all, their unique formulations contain NO parabens, sodium lauryl, laureth sulfate, petrochemicals, artificial colors or preservatives and are fragrance-free.

For inner health and wellbeing, Resting in the River has introduced Wellness Sprays, a potent new way to get all the health benefits of herbal extracts without the inconvenience or unpleasant taste. They are offered in four, pleasant-tasting herbal blends: Boost Juice, an immune system booster; Chill Factor, a natural herbal stress reliever; Superior Support, an immunity defense spray; and Throat Therapy Spray, a highly-effective throat remedy.

Ms. Mason is currently the Chairperson of the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission, personally appointed by Governor Bill Richardson. In addition, her company is committed to restoring the health of New Mexican land, rivers and the wild critters that live there.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Public Farm Tours. Visitors will be taken into the fields of Resting in the River Organic Farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico where they grow medicinal herbs using biodynamic and organic production techniques. Farm Tour Dates: July 22, 10am-11:30am; September 9, 10am-11:30am. Cost: $10. Children under 12: free. For more info: To register: 505-685-4364.

Resting in the River® is an organically certified farm committed to spiritual and holistic agriculture. To learn more about the farm or their natural products contact or call 1-888-465-0563.

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