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Celsius Holdings, Inc.

November 06, 2009 19:25 ET

Celsius Holdings Reports Increased Revenue

DELRAY BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - November 6, 2009) - Celsius Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: CSUH) today reported revenue of $1.3 million for the three months ended September 30, 2009 versus $436,000 for the same period in the previous year, an increase of 208.4%. Revenue for the nine month period ended September 30, 2009 was $3.5 million versus $2.0 million for the same period in the previous year, an increase of 76.8%. The company recorded a net loss of $2.7 million for the three month period ended September 30, 2009 versus $1.8 million for the same period last year, or $0.02 and $0.01 per basic and diluted share, respectively.

Mr. Stephen C. Haley, chairman and CEO, said: "We are moving into the growth phase for the company. Reorders remain strong and we added several significant retailers during the quarter. We announced recent retailer additions such as XtraMart, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, Wright Wisner, Tops, Duane Reade, SuperValu and Shoprite. This shows that our focus remains to increase distribution and Celsius has already or will be hitting the shelves of these and other retailers over the upcoming months."

Mr. Haley continued: "We are seeing retailer and consumer acceptance growing and in September we launched a substantial national marketing campaign to build consumer awareness and we are executing with multiple marketing vehicles from television and radio to print and internet."

The company's quarterly conference call is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, November 10. The call may be accessed through live webcast links on the company's internet homepage, The webcast will be archived and available on the company's website for one month following the call.

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                  Celsius Holdings, Inc. and Subsidiaries
                   Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets

                                                September 30,  December 31,
                                                    2009          2008
                                                ------------  -------------
Current assets                                  $  3,042,016  $   1,750,576
Long-term note receivable                                  -        250,000
Other long-term assets                               209,659        202,193
                                                ------------  -------------
      Total Assets                              $  3,251,675  $   2,202,769
                                                ============  =============

Current liabilities, other                      $  1,392,406  $     733,537
Current liabilities, related parties               1,580,000        120,000
Convertible note payable, net of debt discount     2,415,281        562,570
Other long term liabilities                          185,497        775,435
                                                ------------  -------------
   Total Liabilities                               5,573,184      2,191,542

Stockholders' (Deficit) Equity                    (2,321,509)        11,227
                                                ------------  -------------
      Total Liabilities and Stockholders'
       (Deficit) Equity                         $  3,251,675  $   2,202,769
                                                ============  =============

                 Celsius Holdings, Inc. and Subsidiaries
             Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations

                       For the Three Months         For the Nine Months
                        Ended September 30,         Ended September 30,
                        2009          2008          2009          2008
                    ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
  Net revenue       $  1,343,002  $    435,484  $  3,480,475  $  1,968,975
  Cost of revenue        766,553       456,293     1,987,389     1,386,509
                    ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
Gross profit             576,449       (20,809)    1,493,086       582,466

  Selling and
   expenses            2,620,103     1,356,642     5,295,383     2,909,993
  General and
   expenses              624,007       434,182     1,427,747     1,322,579
                    ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
Loss from
 operations           (2,667,661)   (1,811,633)   (5,230,044)   (3,650,106)

Interest expense,
 net                      50,244        32,592       105,785       292,382
                    ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
Net loss            $ (2,717,905) $ (1,844,225) $ (5,335,829) $ (3,942,488)
                    ============  ============  ============  ============

Basic and diluted:
   Weighted average
    outstanding      150,842,575   136,388,430   149,774,074   122,626,170
                    ============  ============  ============  ============
   Loss per share   $      (0.02) $      (0.01) $      (0.04) $      (0.03)
                    ============  ============  ============  ============

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