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May 17, 2005 09:06 ET

Cendura Supports IBM's IT Service Management Solutions

Cendura's Discovery Library Adapter Supports IBM Tivoli Discovery Library, Providing Access to More Than 150 Enterprise Data Center Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 17, 2005 -- Cendura, a leader in automated application and services configuration management solutions for enterprises, (, today announced support for the IBM Tivoli Discovery Library, a central component of IBM's new IT Service Management solutions for helping enterprises better align hardware and software resources with business needs.

"Businesses demand more from IT than ever before -- higher service levels, more performance and increased security," said David Caddis, director, market management, IBM Tivoli Service Delivery Solutions. "To realize the benefits of IT service management, IT organizations need visibility across their hardware and software infrastructure and a single trusted source of accurate information they can use to understand technology dependencies and the operational impact of change."

The IBM Tivoli Discovery Library contains books of discovered resources and their relationships, which can be used by IBM's Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) as a source for configuration items and relationship data for updates and audits of the CCMDB. The CCMDB is a "virtualized" database that federates IT information that is spread across multiple databases.

Cohesion allows IT organizations to discover, track and take inventory of the tens of thousands of configuration items existing in complex enterprise applications. With this information users can quickly troubleshoot configuration-related problems, proactively institute IT controls over those configurations to harden their infrastructure, and enforce best practices for application management.

In addition to the IBM applications already supported, including IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, IBM WebSphere Message Queue (MQ), IBM AIX 5L, IBM DB2 Universal Database and IBM Informix Database Server, Cendura's Discovery Library Adapter can provide IBM customers with access to more than 150 commonly used data center applications as well as packaged application suites such as SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Financials.

Moreover, Cendura's Blueprint Builder enables companies to build comprehensive models of their in-house custom applications and share those with the IBM Tivoli Discovery Library. This allows users to quickly see real integration benefits across the IBM Tivoli product suite and leverage Cohesion's service configuration change detection, notification and change capabilities.

Cendura will transform Cohesion application Blueprints into IBM's Extensible Schema Definition Extensible Schema Definition for Discovery Library formatted Books. These will contain the most used configuration settings including a mapping of resources, relationships and dependencies between the software components that comprise an IT service. IBM customers can detect configuration changes in the IBM Tivoli Business System Manager, and then use Cohesion to access specific configuration setting changes, or customers can schedule Cohesion to regularly update the Discovery Library Books as frequently as required to ensure performance, availability and security.

Cohesion complements the IBM Tivoli Discovery Library with IT Service Management features, including:

Discovery: Cendura's agent-less and agent-based technology automatically discovers, collects and deeply interprets configuration data, detailing the configuration state of an application, which is necessary to manage it effectively. Parameter-level configuration discovery is unique to Cohesion. Cohesion also automatically organizes servers and network devices into a multi-tiered, visual dependency map. Each relationship is visually depicted and the user can isolate the details of any relationship using one-click drilldown.

Cohesion also collects line of business information including departments, business processes, owners, locations, and costs so that IT can align IT resources by any business attribute, process or owner.

Configuration Validation: Cohesion provides the ability to "snapshot" configurations at any point in time and compare servers, software or entire service or application deployments. This patent-pending technology allows IT organizations to validate current configuration states against past configuration states, compare those in different locations, and compare one state against an optimized "gold standard configuration" state.

Tivoli users can snapshot the configuration state before and after patches (or a software push) to validate the patch is installed correctly and consistently across hundreds of servers. After installing operating systems, Tivoli users can take a snapshot of the configuration state for future baseline comparisons.

Policy Enforcement: Cohesion provides the ability to create, monitor, and enforce policies and best practices. This allows IT organizations to institute controls over configurations and settings to optimize the application.

Cohesion complements the individual best practices for installing a software component found in Tivoli Configuration Manager with more than 4,000 out-of-the-box best practices for configuration files, parameters, registry settings and executables for more than 150 servers, operating systems, networking devices, and more.

Application Optimization: With Cohesion's Intelligent Configuration Management Engine, Tivoli users can detect changes and correct them on the spot or as part of a service desk or change approval process. Cohesion's micro-provisioning technology can automate configuration changes across IT services, hosts, or software components, and automatically apply them across the enterprise.

IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager, the Tivoli Provisioning Manager and the Tivoli Configuration Manager can leverage Cohesion's Discovery Library Books. Cendura's Discovery Library Adapter will be integrated in the summer of 2005.


Cohesion helps enterprises discover, validate, enforce and optimize their IT services. Using Cohesion's library of over 150 enterprise applications, Cendura provides the most complete configuration data discovery on the market, offering a comprehensive view of the entire application infrastructure and detailed inventory of servers, software, versions, patches, applications hosted, configuration state and relationships and dependencies. Beyond discovery, Cohesion makes use of the information collected in the CMDB to solve real operational problems with a powerful Comparison Engine that detects subtle changes in the parameters or registry settings to answer the question "What Changed?"; providing an Intelligent Rules Engine used for enforcing compliance and best practices, and an Active Change Engine that makes parameter-level changes across deployed instances. Cohesion provides unmatched control of configurations and unique and intelligent methods to optimize the application configuration state.


Cendura automates the process of IT services configuration management. The most comprehensive and heterogeneous platform available to business for discovering, tracking and visualizing applications and dependencies, the Cohesion Suite is the foundation to simplify change management, correct application configuration drift, ensure audit and compliance, enable migration and consolidation planning, accelerate proactive forensics, intelligently configure services for dynamic IT environments, align business services, and improve business continuity. Cendura customers are members of the Fortune 500 and include VeriSign, Inc., Quintiles, Inc., Intuit, Inc., and Medtronic. A privately held company, Cendura is funded by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Crosslink Capital and NeoCarta. For more information about Cendura, call 866.263.3911 or visit Cendura, Cohesion and Blueprint Builder are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cendura Corporation.

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