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February 25, 2008 15:21 ET

Center for Assisted Reproduction Is First in Southwest to Offer Pioneering Test of a Woman's Biological Clock

Plan Ahead™ Test Offers Most Accurate Measurement of Woman's Biological Clock

BEDFORD, TX--(Marketwire - February 25, 2008) - The Center for Assisted Reproduction (CAR) today announced it will be the first IVF center in the southwest to offer the Repromedix's Plan Ahead™ test, an innovative blood test that provides an assessment of a woman's egg supply by combining multiple factors including the measurement of ovary-related hormones AMH, Inhibin B, and FSH. The window of opportunity for a woman to have children by natural conception is dependent upon an adequate supply of eggs which inevitably declines as a woman ages and her "biological clock ticks." Plan Ahead enables a woman to compare her estimated egg supply with the normal range expected for women of the same age. In addition, the Plan Ahead Report provides valuable directional information for women planning to have children after their late twenties.

"The Center for Assisted Reproduction has been a pioneer of cutting edge assisted reproductive technologies," said Kathleen Doody, MD, co-founder of CAR with her husband Kevin Doody, MD. "CAR was the first IVF center nationwide to implement extended embryo culture (blastocyst culture) for all of its IVF patients and we had the first intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). So being the first in the Southwest to offer the Plan Ahead test aligns perfectly with our mission."

As women age, their fertility naturally declines, with increasingly fewer eggs available for fertilization. "With so many women delaying pregnancy until their 30s and 40s women urgently need an accurate assessment of their egg supply," said Dr. Kevin Doody. "And while we know that on average ovarian reserve begins a more rapid decline after age 35, it can be quite variable among women of the same age. The Plan Ahead test will provide women with the individual assessment of their own ovarian reserve to help them make more informed decisions about when to have a child. We're pleased to be in the vanguard of this critical new test."

"The Plan Ahead test represents an extraordinary advance in fertility diagnostics compared to what has been readily available to the general population," said Dr. Benjamin Leader, Chief Medical Officer. "Many fertility experts view the gold standard of egg supply measurement to be the number of eggs obtained through egg retrieval, an expensive procedure reserved for specialty fertility clinics involving hormone injections and a minimally invasive procedure. The Plan Ahead test offers similar information to the general public via a simple blood test."

Repromedix Corp., the Plan Ahead test co-developer and leading national diagnostic laboratory for fertility testing, selected the Center for Assisted Reproduction to be one of a select number of IVF centers to debut the test. Repromedix will expand the Plan Ahead test launch to major markets across the United States throughout 2008.

Plan Ahead is now available to women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and women interested in the Plan Ahead test can purchase a test online at or at the Center for Assisted Reproduction, where they can also have their blood drawn. The blood sample is sent to Repromedix, whose lab performs the advanced testing and submits the report and recommendations to the patient's physician. The cost of the Plan Ahead test is $350.

Women interested in learning more about Plan Ahead, should visit:

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