Centre for Inquiry

Centre for Inquiry

March 17, 2008 09:00 ET

Centre for Inquiry Ontario: Canada's First Home for Atheists, Secularists Celebrates Successful First Year

Week-Long Series to Include Leading Thinkers and Open House

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - Centre for Inquiry, located in Toronto, is a unique institution - the premier organization representing a worldview based on science, secularism and rationality. The agnostic and atheist demographic in Canada is growing (18% or 5 million Canadians). CFI has been a strong representative for this marginalized group, acting as national spokesperson on issues like public religious education, government prayers, evolution in science class and the banning of books.

In its first year CFI founded over 20 campus groups, led a coalition - the One School System Network - that successfully halted full funding of additional religious schools in Ontario, and was featured in a dozen national press stories including a CBC documentary.

The first annual celebration week includes:

Fri, March 28, 7pm: "Gentle Intro to String Theory" with leading physicist Amanda Peet. Peet shares her research into what some consider the "theory of everything", exploring whether there are extra dimensions, how the universe originated and what limits there may be on scientific knowledge.

Sat, March 29, 6-9pm: Open House and Party.

Fri, April 4, 7pm: "Tales from the New Encyclopedia" with Tom Flynn,
Editor of Free Inquiry, leading magazine of secular humanism. Flynn
discusses the history of doubt and disbelief in Canada and the
significant role played by freethinkers in the civil rights,
abolitionist and suffragist movements.

At a time when the world is marred by conflicts between rival
spiritual and paranormal claims, CFI offers a rational alternative.
CFI is now a worldwide movement with centres throughout the Americas,
Europe, Asia and Africa.

All are warmly invited to attend these events.

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